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The Benefits of Full Team Meetings

Having full team meetings can be a huge benefit to your business or organisation. It can be hard to get every single member of the team in to the office, but when you do, sparks are likely to fly!

Full team meetings open the floor to collaboration and ideas and are especially useful to companies that do not have regular meetings or spend every single day working nine to five in the office.

The benefits of a full team meeting include filling everyone in and bringing the team up to speed on what’s happening in the company. Managers or directors can inform employees of what’s happening currently in the business and what needs to be worked on. If any problems arise, they can then be discussed in the meeting too. You can remind the team of the business’s objectives and set goals to be achieved by the end of the week.

Full Team Meetings

A full team meeting can embrace the fun side of your company and reignite a positive environment for your employees. Members of staff can also share their feedback with managers on what they think is working and what isn’t, so employers can get a grasp of what’s happening among their team too.

Full Team Meetings

It’s a fantastic way to train employees too. More experienced members of staff can share their thoughts and processes with others and help individuals where they may need improvements. It’s a chance to discuss problems, raise issues and get employees to where they want to be.

One of the best reasons for getting the team together is to bond and celebrate the accomplishments of the business so far. It’s a chance to get to know everyone a little better and talk about things other than work.

Here are some of the reasons why our members of the Giraffe love full team meetings:

Phil, Managing Director: I love meeting as a team for numerous reasons. It allows us to brainstorm campaign ideas for our clients, discuss company strategy together or just exchange opinions on the latest Netflix series.  It’s easy to become insular at work, I believe it is vitally important to have a clear idea of what everyone else in the company is working on; celebrating successes together and tackling issues as a team. If someone turns up with some Krispy Kreme doughnuts – well then, that’s a bonus!

Full Team Meetings

Kane, Managing Director: I really enjoy team meetings because they provide a fantastic forum for solving issues and planning for future successes, collectively as a team.

Full Team Meetings

Kate, Head of Operations: There are two ways in which teams interact – in terms of their ability to get along as people and in terms of their ability to work productively. Full team meetings are one of the only ways to develop a healthy dynamic in both areas, because they allow you to see how different people will act in relation to everyone else’s strengths and weaknesses. To be successful, every team needs just about every personality – including the bossy, determined ones as well as the quiet, introverted worker-bees – working together in a way that achieves common goals. Without the opportunity to sit down all together, you’ll never benefit from the full range of personalities, capabilities and ideas that your team has to offer.

Full Team Meetings

Joaquin, Social Media Manager: It’s good to see the team; it’s a chance to express ideas or issues that have come up and a space to ask for support.

Full Team Meetings

Dominic, Social Media Manager: I enjoy our full team meetings as it’s an opportunity for everyone to come together and have an input on creating and brainstorming new ideas on social media.

Full Team Meetings

Amelia, Social Media Assistant: Full team meetings allow part-time remote workers like me to feel part of the team, it’s a great way to catch up with your colleagues and discussions are always a lot more engaging when there’s lots of different opinions!

Full Team Meetings

Chloe, Social Media Assistant: Full team meetings encourage involvement and pride in the wider goals for the business. It enables us to pull together for further growth opportunities and bounce ideas along with solutions off each other to gain different prospectives and expertise.

Emma, Social Media Assistant: Full team meetings are great not only for brainstorming ideas and benefiting from each individuals knowledge, but they’re also a great way of checking in with your colleagues and seeing how their week is going.

Full Team Meetings

Olivia, Content Marketing Assistant: Seeing everyone, especially when you’re remotely working, is a great morale boost! Having the team together reminds you why you started the journey and motivates you to work harder to make sure everyone enjoys the ride!

Full Team Meetings

Also, full team meetings allow you to get some amazing shots for your social media content too. All our photos were taken by an incredible wedding photographer in Hampshire – Leah Marie Photography.

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