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The Best Free Font Tools

The Best Free Font Tools

Have you seen that perfect font on a website, but can’t seem to find what it is anywhere, or have you found a font what you want to use for your company but can’t access it? Maybe you’re a social media manager who needs a brand’s font but are not allowed the details of it.

Luckily you are not alone! There are a lot of good free font identifying tools out there for you to use and there are also some bad ones. Here is our analysis on the top font tools:

The Terminator of the Font World

Looking to find the font from a particular image? Look no further than Fontspring Matcherator, which, yes, does sound like a rip-off Terminator movie. Fontspring uses technology that it promotes as the best in the industry. Fontspring itself prides itself of its own ‘font curation and discovery’.

It can even match OpenType features and has a refining feature that helps you to find those harder to match fonts. There’s also a pretty nifty table on the web page that compares its features like Tag Refinement and Image Editor with WhatTheFont and WhatFontIs, and you can guess it, Fontspring wins by a landslide. Fontspring is kind of that pushy, innovative guy at work meetings – we mean, he’s got a point, but he’s also kind of boasty.

Not in a Rush?

Next up to the font stage, is Identifont, which has a pretty cool name. However, its website is kind of messy and you may struggle to know where to start. However, you can identify a font by answering questions about its key features or by the designer or publisher that use it. You can also identify a font if you know part of its name or find a font that’s similar in appearance to the one you want. Identifont is a website for those browsing fonts, more than for someone who needs one in that minute.

Literally, WhatTheFont?

Another big contender in the font game is WhatTheFont – their name works on so many different levels. On their site all you have to do is upload or drag an image into the box and the site will identify it. WhatTheFont claims to be powered by the world’s largest collection of fonts, thus it makes sense that this site is the most likely to find what you’re looking for.

Extend to Font Find

If you’re okay with adding extensions to your Google Chrome then WhatFont is a great addition to your font hunt. All you have to do is download the add-on and it cements itself into the top right of your browser. It’s super quick as all it takes is one click, you hover over the font you want on the website and woo-lah, font found! This one is especially good for those that want to locate a font on a website, instead of in an image.

Furry Font Finder

FontSquirrel is the cutest of all the font finders, but is actually powered by Fontspring’s Matcherator tool. This font finding tool is best for those that want a good quality service, by a cute furry animal.