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Social Media News Roundup: August ’18 Week 2

In social media news this week. Facebook develops a Mentorship Program for Groups, Instagram takes its polls somewhere more private and Twitter expands its Lite version to more countries with bad networks.
Facebook Goes Mentor

Facebook has a new feature this week that may prove to be very useful in the long term. The feature is designed to help users in some Groups find a mentor that will help them personally and/or professionally.

It was first tested last year in Facebook Groups and can help a user develop and grow as an individual. This coincides with Facebook’s goal of ‘being better’ this year and is a huge step for those struggling with work, friends or life and need someone to talk to and be inspired by.

It is targeted at Facebook Groups that are in categories of development and has to be enabled by the group’s admins. There are different programs in the feature such as encouragement and getting further in your career that the group admin has to choose from. When the Mentorship feature is activated, all members have to do is sign up, but it’s up to the group’s admin to match the two.

When the pair are matched, they can communicate through the programme or even through Messenger. This is such a useful feature that should help many be encouraged and find their passion again for work or life.

Polls for Private Eyes

Polls have really taken off on Instagram Stories and the social media site knows it. Instagram have added the feature to Direct messages, so users can send their friends polls, because well, we guess some polls are meant to be private. If a user wants to ask their friends advice on their outfit, without asking all their Instagram followers, they simply can send a poll through a direct message and get their decision there. It works the same as a poll on Stories and can be customised for opinions and results can be seen live.

Twitter Lite Expands

With the success of Twitter Lite in places where mobile networks are slow or struggling with Internet connections, the social media site has expanded its smaller sibling to twenty-one more countries, including Romania, India and Uganda. The smaller version of the site takes up less space on a mobile and loads quicker for those with bad network connection. It even now sends push notifications to keep you updated with what’s going on, if you choose to enable them.