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UK Facebook Mobile Users to hit a Record High this Year


Over 26.9 million mobile phone users in the UK are expected to be using Facebook this year, making up an impressive 50.8% of the all mobile phone users across the country. The milestone comes after a report by eMarketer suggested that an estimated 50.5% of the UK population (33.2 million users) will be active on the Network at least once a month during 2016…

The report shows that Social Networking users are becoming more and more mobile-centric, with 76.4% of users accessing the Network from a mobile device in 2014 and 78.9% in 2015. This number looks set to rise to around 81.1% during the course of 2016, before following a steady ascent over the next five years to a projected 88% of users by 2020.

It is obvious that mobile is going to continue to pay an increasingly important part in Facebook user growth. Last year a reported 48.7% of mobile phone users were said to be Facebook users. This number is expected to increase to 50.8% throughout the course of 2016 – over half of all mobile phone users nationwide.

In regards to the report’s findings, eMarketer’s UK Analyst Bill Fisher had this to say…

“People are spending more time than ever with mobile devices. It stands to reason that Facebook users are heading to the mobile platform too… such is the ubiquity of these devices that the default platform for the vast majority of Facebook users is now mobile.”

Female users are expected to maintain their position above males in terms of user share percentage this year. Last year, at 17.5 million users, they made up 54.4% of the user share. This year they are projected to make up 54.6% of the user share, while male users are expected to drop from 45.7% to 45.5% of overall users.

This report is yet another insight into the importance of businesses being mobile-friendly as we transition into the second half of the decade.

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