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Giraffe Social Media Twelve Days of Trendmas

Giraffe Social Media Twelve Days of Trendmas

It’s Christmastime and you would certainly know it if you stepped foot in Giraffe Social Media HQ. The garden has turned into a grotto, the music is 85% Christmas music and there seems to be an abundance of cookies around the place. So we couldn’t help but celebrate the only way we know how – through social media. Read on to find out more…

Social media is often a joy to behold around the festive period. Throughout the years we’ve been treated to some Christmas crackers directly through social networking. Recently even the John Lewis advert, while still a TV medium, has spread primarily through Facebook and Twitter.

Social media’s capacity to facilitate a developing global conversation makes it the perfect candidate for such an exciting period. Many businesses take advantage of these channels to promote deals, others to raise awareness of a cause, others just as an excuse to be silly.

Naturally, we have opted for the latter.

Giraffe Social Media Twelve Days of Trendmas

Over our last twelve days working in the office before Christmas Day, we will be re-living some of the biggest and best social media trends of the past decade. We’ll be re-making glorious memes, re-creating viral music videos and re-visiting some of our favourite social media trends.

Each day from the 12th through to the 23rd of December we will post a new trend on our Facebook page. Be sure to follow us so that you don’t miss any! Join the conversation using #12DaysofTrendmas.

Have the merriest of Christmases!

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