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Maximise Your Valentines Day Social Media Message

Valentines Day Social media marketing message
Love it or loathe it, Valentines Day is another opportunity for you to maximise your social media marketing with a heartfelt promotional message.

What does Valentines Day mean to you? It could just be another day of the year. Or maybe it’s an opportunity for you to secure yourself a place in your partner’s good books for the next few weeks. Or perhaps it calls for some thoroughly embittered snooping at your Facebook friends’ perceived happiness, while cooking up a whole dine-in-for-two for one.

All are suitable ways for yourself to spend the day… some arguably more so than others. But now we have something else to consider. What does Valentines Day mean for your business?

The role of social media in relation to holidays and seasonal events is often one of increased activity. People take to networks to communicate their best wishes to their loved ones and share their own experiences. This increased activity can and should be made use of to expand your brand reach. Because the best social media stategies are a collision of the digital and the real world, companies that succeed in nailing seasonal social media marketing campaigns are commonly the most successful.

Facebook have lovingly leant a hand this Valentines Day

Facebook insights have lovingly put together an infographic with key trends and statistics for the occasion across Facebook and Instagram and published it on Facebook Insights. Some of the key points highighted for businesses to consider this year include optimisation of how brands are seen on mobile and the publishing/promotion of seasonal special offers.

Focussing on the conversations that your target audience engage most with

Possibly some of the most useful findings within Facebook’s study are the sort of discussions and conversations that each audience demographic commonly engage with. These should be used to help decide on the style of campaign voice that you opt for as a result; when you know what your audience want to say, you can emulate that voice and maximise your chance of getting noticed.

Maximising your brand’s marketing message is not just about saying the right thing to get noticed, but about saying the right thing to get noticed by your specific audience. The full Infographic will likely prove useful for you to decide what to talk about, but here are some findings for key demographics.

  • Each gender discussed romance, loved ones and date night ar a similar rate.
  • Women are more likely to engage with discussions about gifts and food & drink than their male counterparts.
  • Young male Millennials are more likely to be anti-Valentines.
  • Young Millennials in general (that is ages 18-24) are most engaged with the anti-Valentines topic.
  • The second-most prominent conversation type for men to engage with was that of proposals and relationship status.

For more information about how to better tailor your social media message this Valentines Day, check out Facebook IQ’s study “Valentines Day: Happens on Facebook and Instagram”. Have a reasonably lovely Valentines Day.


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