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Can Tumblr be Used Effectively for Business?

The secret is well and truly out…the key to successful social media and SEO is content.

Create a great blog with amazing, original content and the internet Gods will reward you with lots of attention! Happy days. But, what platform are you going to use for blogging for your business? Most people will ignore Blogger (rightfully so), and opt for WordPress – which is probably your best choice.  It offers you so many great facilities and just makes blogging so easy.  However, can Tumblr be just as effective?  This post will take a look at a few of the advantages and disadvantages of using it:


SEO Benefits

Operating on Tumblr has some benefits for SEO, more so than WordPress? Not really.

Great for Research

You can use Tumblr as a tool for researching pretty much anything.

Easier to Achieve Interaction

If you’ve run a WordPress blog, you’ll know that getting interaction on it isn’t easy – unless you’re interested in talking to someone called ‘LouisVuittonHandbags88’.  Tumblr has a far more social culture where people are far more likely to follow your blog and comment on posts.  In terms of time users spend on the site, it is second only to Facebook!

Simple and Free

Using Tumblr is very simple and most people will have no problem using it, on top of that it is totally free.


Very Young Userbase

If your target audience isn’t under 25, then Tumblr isn’t really for you.  It has a very young userbase.

Can’t be relied on

Tumblr is an effective tool, but you can’t use it solely for your marketing attempts, it needs to be run alongside a Facebook and Twitter presence.

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