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Can Tumblr be Used Effectively for Business?

Can Tumblr be used effectively for your business? The secret is well and truly out…the key to successful social media and SEO is content.

Create a great blog with amazing, original content and the internet Gods will reward you with lots of attention! Happy days. But, what platform are you going to use for blogging for your business? Most people will opt for WordPress – which is probably your best choice.  It offers you so many great facilities and just makes blogging so easy.  However, can Tumblr be used effectively?  This post will take a look at a few of the advantages and disadvantages of using it:

The Advantages of Tumblr:

SEO Benefits

Operating on Tumblr has some benefits for SEO, more so than WordPress? Not really.

Great for Research

You can use Tumblr as a tool for researching pretty much anything. Tumblr is an effective tool to search for any type of information, from fandom to photography. However, all the information you find on Tumblr may not be efficient enough to use.  So take it with a grain of salt.

Easier to Achieve Interaction

If you’ve run a WordPress blog, you’ll know that getting interaction on it isn’t easy – unless you’re interested in talking to someone called ‘LouisVuittonHandbags88’.  Tumblr has a far more social culture where people are far more likely to follow your blog and comment on posts.  In terms of the time users spend on the site, it is second only to Facebook!

Tumblr could also help reach new audiences, which could be an advantage to the branding of your business.

Simple and Free

Using Tumblr is very simple and most people will have no problem using it, on top of that it is totally free.

The layout of the website makes it easy for readers and writers to view and create content. Also, as mentioned before Tumblr is a form of social networking so the setting-up is easy.

Tumblr is so easy to use some business owners use the platform as their website, and why not? The simple, already formatted social media platform engages and attracts active users of the platform with the right engaging techniques.

The Disadvantages of Tumblr for your Business:

Very Young Userbase

If your target audience isn’t under 25, then Tumblr isn’t really for you. It has a very young user base. Therefore saving time and energy on platforms that are easy to use and directly cater to the target audience you require for your business.

Can’t Be Relied On

Tumblr is an effective tool, but you can’t use it solely for your marketing attempts, it needs to be run alongside a Facebook and Twitter presence.

Tumblr does not have a range of promotional strategies. For example, social media influencers are based solely on Tiktok and Instagram. Influencers are important to businesses.

You Don’t Fully Own It

You might right the contents of your blogs on Tumblr, but unfortunately, as Tumblr is a widely shared platform.

Is It Outdated?

Tumblr has been around for many years now. We assume it reached its peak in the early 2010s. Is it still practical in the modern-day? We are not so sure. Tumblr is not the mainstream social media platform go-to.

However, some sources claim that the Tumblr girl aesthetic may be making a return, could we see a return in the dying platform?

I mean you can see how our managers feel about using each platform with this video:  

Overall we believe that Tumblr can be a useful and effective tool if you’re hitting the right target audience. Tumblr is almost like another app. If you hit the right hashtags, the right niche, who’s to say Tumblr will not be beneficial for your business.

However, the specific target audience can mean Tumblr is not for every business. If your target audience is more mature, Tumblr is not the place for your business. Although the social media platform is easy to use it may not be as effective in 2022.

Editors note: April 15th 2022

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