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“Dislike” Button Scammers Storm Facebook


After Mark Zuckerberg’s announcement surrounding Facebook’s intention to launch a button that allows users to express something beyond a like, the social media community has gone “dislike” crazy. Enter the scammers…

The Facebook community has been calling for a dislike button many years. Although Zuckerberg seemed to make it clear that it would not be a “dislike” button per se, social media users are calling it exactly that. The announcement was made at an event at Facebook’s Menlo Park in California, that was streamed live across the world.

During the announcement, Zuckerberg acknowledged that “Not every moment is a good moment,” he said, adding an appropriate option is “surprisingly complicated.” It is clear that the button will not be intended to ‘vote-down’ or ‘thumbs-down’ other people’s posts. He has explained that a “like” isn’t appropriate for some posts, especially when people want to express empathy. – such as a tragic news event.

Don’t be drawn in by scammers!

Rather unsurprisingly, a new type of scam has cropped up around Facebook offering users to “get newly introduced dislike button on your profile”. Aside from the fact that the head honcho himself has made it explicitly clear that the new feature will not be a “dislike” button, Facebook has never and will never make you expend energy trying to access it. It will most likely be released across board after testing.

According to, the post links users to a fake Facebook branded page and tells them to share the page. This is clearly designed by attackers to access your Facebook and spread the scam campaign to your friends. It will then instruct you to fill out surveys in order to gather personal information including account credentials.

The new button will surely come in good time – so be sure to stay away from these malicious links because they certainly won’t make it come any quicker!

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