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Facebook Update Gives More Power to Pages

facebook app social media update

Facebook looks set to drive engagement through mobile pages in an app update that puts more power in the hands of businesses.

Alongside some design changes to bring mobile in-line with their desktop site, Facebook’s latest app update has been focussed primarily on boosting the use of business pages by users and businesses alike. These changes have been made with the intention of encouraging interaction between users and businesses through the app, allowing brands to showcase their products and simplifying the enquiry process.

Currently pages receive around 1 billion users each month and it looks as if the Social Media giant is looking to increase the figure.

The update is not only a welcome solution for page owners who are looking to sell their products, it will also come in useful for the hospitality industry. This is due to the fact that the new design includes a more prominent call to action button. For restaurants, this is a perfect opportunity to boost bookings by making an option to book now through their own site or allow users to contact/call the page owner.

Further developments will include “shop” and “services” tabs which will be used to allow businesses to showcase their products. Soon users will be able to make purchases without leaving Facebook; testing has been carried out since July surrounding making purchases direct from Pages, with transactions powered by Shopify.

For restaurants and bars, the new tabs could be used for anything from sample menus, special offers to promotions.

Benji Shomair, head of product marketing for Facebook Pages, has said “It’s quite hard to get people

to download your app, but the hardest is actually getting people to use your app.” He argues that Pages could be a better way for businesses to reach users than through their own website or app.

The objective is obviously to increase the amount of time users spend on Facebook – and integrating purchasing capabilities is a way of eliminating the need to leave the app. Time will tell as to how far Facebook will go with their Social Media conquest but we can be sure to expect more from pages in future updates.

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