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Euro 2016: Twitter Fans To Light Up Eiffel Tower In Team Colours


As is customary around any international sports or global media event, preparations by Twitter to mark the event are well underway. However, this year the social network plans to go one step further than the conventional auto­-emoji…

Twitter users are well aware that the network often launches bespoke emojis celebrating global events that are automatically triggered when certain emojis are posted, and the UEFA Euro 2016 is no exception. On the 8th June Twitter launched their series of Euro emojis, including a competition trophy icon when #Euro2016 is quoted.

Alongside the basic Euro icon, each competing nation will be able to include an emoji of their national flag when they show their support with their official national hashtag ­- for England this is #ENG, for France it is #FRA for example. However, mere emojis are insignificant when compared to what the social network has planned for each evening after the day’s last final whistle blows…

Twitter Community to Light up the Eiffel Tower

Twitter have paired up with Orange to illuminate the Eiffel tower the colours of the national team that receives the most support across the social network. Each evening the company will analyse the most used hashtags throughout the course of that day and 10 minutes after the final whistle a spectacular light show will transform the famous landmark.

As official telecoms provider and sponsor of the tournament, Orange have partnered with Twitter and the City of Paris to bring football fans across the world the chance to alter the famous landmark. Alongside this, supporters will also have the chance to get their best tweet’s projected onto the tower.

A call to social arms

As an office of shameless social media fanatics and England supporters we want to encourage you to start tweeting about the contest and including #ENG in every single tweet you send. Let’s show the world our support and keep painting that building red and white!

UEFA Euro 2016 kicks off in Paris today (Friday 10th June), and runs for a month until 10th July, and is expected to be one of the most social global contests ever held. An estimated 2.5 million fans are expected to visit stadiums to watch matches.

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