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The Future of Content Writing

The Future of Content Writing

The future of content writing is one to look forward to. Content should always be of good quality with a target audience in mind and a story to tell, but what does the next couple of years hold for content writers and the audiences that read their work?

When writing content, voice is now one of the most important factors to consider. With more and more technology being created that connects humans and computers, it seems that the time is now for content to step up to the demands the future is bringing.

Content for the Voice of A.I.

Content has to be constructed with artificial intelligent technology in mind. With artificial intelligent devices like Amazon’s Alexa, people must use their voice to connect and communicate with the technology. After a person asks Alexa a question, it responds verbally, answering the enquiry with information it has found on the Internet. Therefore, the tone of content should remain neutral and every word must contribute something to the piece. A focus should be on key words and how they could engage an audience as every sentence counts. A user will be bored of paragraphs that waffle on without any real target or audience-orientated text. Content writing with voice in mind is more of an art form than churning out words to meet the weekly quote.

Looking for the Right Platform

Content needs to stand out from the crowd. It’s about being transparent, but also about reducing content that reminds readers about your company all the time. Finding what your audience wants through insights is essential, if a business want their articles to be read. Articles are shared on social media constantly, so it’s important to break through the repetitive news and recycled recipes.

Helen Fox, a marketing manager for finance brand Elevate Credit, found that Pinterest worked fantastically for their content. Although Pinterest is very much designed for lifestyle content and imagery, Fox found that certain articles and themes generated interest on the site. Pinterest is about helping people with bedroom designs and tattoo ideas, so any writing that is useful to an individual at that present time, is destined to be successful among users. It’s not about shaping content for all social media anymore, but finding out where certain content does particularly well, and focusing on that social platform.

A Different Kind of Content

With new social media sites being developed and other apps being updated with new features, it’s time content wasn’t a standalone part of marketing, but a pivotal tool that should be integrated into every part of the strategy. Different types of content are emerging across all platforms, with Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram all developing the ‘Stories’ feature, which opens a new, condensed level of content for an audience.

Social media users are now seeing content everywhere and on a more daily basis. Articles can be clicked through to on Snapchat’s Discover page and can be viewed in text and video format. Content writers must consider what format will suit their audience the most – a brand aimed at a younger generation may benefit from a concise number of paragraphs that can be accessed on the Stories features.

With artificial intelligence, new social platforms and audiences looking for more ways to intake information, the future of content writing will certainly not be boring!