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Advertising for 2024

Future Trends in Meta Advertising for 2024

Want to stay ahead of the competition? check out these future trends in advertising for 2024!

In the ever-changing world of digital ads, Meta, especially Facebook, has remained on top. Meta and Facebook are one of the top choices for businesses worldwide, this is due to how many people use the platform and all the marketing tools they have to offer. The platform currently has around 3.05 billion monthly users. It’s no wonder why Meta and Facebook remain a top choice for businesses looking to expand their online presence and reach new customers.

Personalised Advertising

Personalisation has become crucial for effective advertising for 2024. With the rise of data and AI technology, brands are likely to start relying on these tools to offer customised advertising for their target audience. There are multiple targeting choices and analytics tools on Facebook. Retargeting and dynamic ads are two examples of data-driven strategies that advertisers should use to give users personalised content based on their likes, dislikes, behaviours, and past interactions.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing has gained a lot of importance in today’s world of social media. Collaborating with people who have large online followings provides brands with opportunities to reach a wider and much more specific audience.  It is expected that brands will start to form relationships with influencers to create campaigns. Brands should find influencers whose values align with theirs, as despite the use of celebrity influencers, part of the success still relies on whether that person is genuine or trustworthy.

Messaging Apps Advertising

Facebook’s messaging platforms such as WhatsApp & Messenger are becoming more and more important for advertising for 2024. It is expected that these messaging apps will expand even further. Brands can engage with users through sponsored messages, and personalised conversations on Messenger and WhatsApp. To take full advantage of these messaging apps, brands should focus on giving users valuable and relevant information through them. However, it is important to respect user privacy and preferences while doing using the messaging apps option.


an example of AR in advertising for 2024

Augmented Reality (AR) Ads

AR lets people interact with goods and experiences in their Facebook feeds, this increases engagement and interesting advertising. Augmented reality is giving brands the opportunity for their customers to try things on, such as clothes, makeup, and accessories before they buy them.

As the year goes on, we can expect the Meta AR ads to become smarter and more engaging for users, and brands use this creativity by creating one-of-a-kind virtual experiences that customers will remember. This also may mean; that the customer is more likely to convert if they can try on things and partly experience the goods before buying without leaving their own home or deciding whether to make that purchase.


Video posts are becoming more popular on Facebook over the years, and don’t look likely to stop in 2024. Videos are better at capturing people’s attention and getting information to the user as opposed to static images. Facebook is constantly pushing different types of video ads, such as in-stream video ads, and video stories. These ads give businesses more opportunity to reach their target audience more effectively.

Brands should focus on making high-quality videos if they want to do well and keep up with the trends across Facebook in 2024. News feeds can already feel quite busy, but short videos telling stories or highlighting product features will help to capture people’s attention.


E-Commerce has experienced significant growth on Facebook over the years. It has introduced several features such as Instagram shop & checkout, and Facebook shops, making it more and more accessible for users to make purchases directly on the platform. We are likely expect to see more integration of these within Meta advertising for 2024.

Brands should look to focus of optimising their Facebook shops and products, such as catalogues, a feature which Meta has to offer when selecting an ad type. These catalogues display relevant data to the user based on what they have been visiting and clicking on. These features can help drive conversions through Facebook.


an example of e-commerce for advertising for 2024

Voice Search Optimisation

Voice search is becoming more and more popular due to the increase in voice assistants such as Alexa, Google, Siri and more. If brands are advertising for 2024, they should start considering optimising campaigns for voice search, focusing on keywords that are commonly associated with voice search queries.

As this technology advances, brands that are on this trend early on will have an advantage in reaching users who prefer voice-activated interactions. 

Privacy & Data Protection

As people become more worried about the safety and security of their data, Facebook has started to implement a range of measures to protect user data and ensure they comply with all regulations. In 2024 brands will need to be aware and ready to advertise in a more privacy-focused platform.

To stay in line with these changes brand should focus on gaining consent from the users for the collection of their data. Additionally exploring other ways to target brands will help brands reach their audience without relying too much on the use of user data.


In 2024, Meta is expected to offer an exciting and varied field with lots of opportunities for brands and marketers. Staying up to date with these trends is crucial to get ahead and succeed in the ever-changing industry. The key to effective Meta advertising is to constantly generate new ideas and be adaptable with an understanding of what your target audience wants and needs.

If you are planning to advertise on Facebook this year, it is important to keep these trends in mind and be prepared to modify your strategy as digital marketing evolves. By staying ahead of these trends, you can maximise your Facebook advertising and achieve your business objectives.