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Social Media Strategies for Bakeries and Bakers

Social Strategies for Bakeries and Bakers

  Looking to turn your bakery into an overnight sensation? Use these social strategies for bakeries!

Before social media had the power of what it is today, to become a successful baker, you would likely have had to attend a catering school, or work in a restaurant and gain years of experience. However, now with social media being so, it is simple for anyone to start a baking business and use the tools to get customers through the door.

Warning: Do not read this article if you are hungry

Trending on TikTok

TikTok is a game-changer for social strategies for bakeries  and bakers. Short, quick and captivating videos, showing baking techniques and decorating hacks, or delicious shots of brownies and cakes to order through a website, can quickly go viral, which attracts millions and views and engagement. TikTok provides bakers and bakeries with the opportunity to get the attention of a younger and more diverse audience.

Bakeries can use trending hashtags, sounds and trends where applicable to increase visibility and engagement. By using creativity and putting personality into the content, bakers can gain a loyal following which in turn will drive conversions, whether that be in-store or online. Some viewers travel miles up and down the country to follow the viral restaurants, cafes, and bakeries, who’s to say yours couldn’t be next?! 

tik tok social strategies for bakeries

Social strategies for bakeries Means Business

Bakers and Bakeries can use social media platforms to showcase their brand products. If you think about it, social media is essentially a virtual shopfront to display all their creations and make potential customers salivate over their screen…sorry where were we? Social media isn’t just about showcasing the delicious products (albeit the best part), it’s a space for engaging with customers, hosting things like giveaways and competitions and taking on board feedback.

Facebook & Instagram Engagement

Video content reigns on platforms like Facebook and Instagram, offering bakeries a new way to showcase baking processes and finished products, from cake tutorials to mouth-watering recipes. It is important to experiment with different types of video formats, including live videos, stories, and reels to engage with the audience in real-time. Live videos give followers a glimpse into the bakery’s daily operations, stories offer a casual way to share behind-the-scenes moments, polls and questions, and reels allow bakeries to show their personality to stand out from the crowd.

Alongside this, it’s important for bakeries to actively engage with their audience by responding to messages and comments promptly. Answering questions and acknowledging feedback can create a loyal community of followers and show professionalism enhancing the overall customer experience.




instagram social strategies for bakeries

Insta-nt Gratification on Instagram

Instagram is the perfect canvas for a social media strategy for bakeries to show their creations and recipes. It allows bakeries to entice followers with mouth-watering photos of freshly baked goods, and cake designs leaving followers craving more. Consistency is key when it comes to maintaining engagement on Instagram, by establishing a regular posting schedule, bakeries can keep their audience engaged. Highlights, behind-the-scenes, competitions, and consistent posting help to keep on top of the competition. Hashtags are also a powerful tool to expand reach and attract potential customers.

Diverse Baking Communities

Different social media platforms have a range of different communities for people to get involved in, and be part of, such as gluten-free baking, vegan baking, or even just one for the local and surrounding area. Engaging with influencers within these communities can extend the reach, however, bakeries need to approach these with transparency and ensure the values align with the brand.

Finding Your Niche

In a crowded market, it is important to identify your unique selling point to stand out from the crowd. Finding your niche allows you to create a distinct identity to attract a following, it will also allow you to create social media strategies, showcasing your expertise through content. By highlighting the niche and engaging with the target audience you can capture a loyal community of supporters and gain business growth.

Some of my favourite bakers across TikTok & Instagram that have social strategies for bakeries are @georges_bakery, @finchbakery, @littleblondebakes & @cakes_contour, I highly recommend following for exclusive videos, I do have to warn you that these videos do have dangerous side effects though, including hunger, licking of phone screens and a complete lack of social awareness.


instagram social strategies for bakeries

In this age, anyone can be a baker, with recipes listed endlessly on the Internet and step-by-step guides on making ‘giant cookies’. However, to really stand out amongst the cooking crowd, it’s important to find a niche or put a spin on everyday baking that makes your cakes different and optimise social strategies for bakeries and bakers.