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Have your Social Media go off with a bang this New Year’s Eve


As any Social Media Master will tell you, real-world trends are a proper treat for racking up engagement on your Social channels. That should be no different for New Year’s Eve. After the fast-paced stress of the festive season the year passes by into a fond memory, so it’s easy to get caught up in it all and let it pass you by without a second thought…

But not this year. New Year’s Eve is a perfect opportunity for your brand to inspire your fans, and this year is yours to command some serious engagement and see some real results…

New Year’s Eve is a time of fun, fireworks and fiesta. A considerable amount of people take to Social Media at midnight to wish their friends and family all the best for the year ahead, so your audience should, in theory, already be there. However, you have to work extra hard to get people to notice you and New Year’s promotions can also be difficult because your promotion window is very limited.

If you want to ensure that your posts are successful it’s a good idea to be as giving as possible. Around New Year’s Eve, people are adrenaline-fueled with little to no attention span. You therefore need to be offering your audience something truly specific and exclusive and make it crystal clear that it is limited to that point in time.

Here are some ideas for social media marketing that could help your New Year’s Eve go off with a bang…

Get your users photo sharing

If you are a business such as a bar or restaurant holding a New Year’s party, why not integrate your deals with your social media in order to promote some user generated content. You could do this by asking customers to share photos with a specific hashtag in exchange for free drinks or offers. This will help expand the reach of your promotions to a new level.

Look back to look forward

This one can be difficult, but if you have a great following of brand-dedicated users then it can be a great way to promote engagement. Ask your followers to share their stories from the past year. Specificity is the key to getting this right – don’t just ask any old thing, make sure it ties in with your brand. For example, you could be a wedding planner asking for people to share their engagement stories in exchange for a discount on your service next year.

New Year’s resolutions

Everybody has one, not everybody wants to talk about them. New Year’s resolutions are great news for health and fitness brands – why not get people sharing theirs in exchange for a January discount or a free trial week? Alternatively, if you’ve got a fun voice on your Social Media, get people sharing anti-resolutions such as realistic resolutions or things they definitely won’t be giving up.

New Year’s day engagement

Remember that exclusivity we mentioned earlier? Why not offer something that is exclusively available for the first few hours of 2016!? Promote it in the run up and see the benefits when Big Ben strikes.

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