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linkedin ads management

Kate - influencer marketing services

"Using the power of LinkedIn ads, we can multiply results that would take countless hours of tailored individual networking. We use data to find the right people so the conversations you're having are the ones that are the most meaningful for you and your business."

Kate Webster, Head of Operations


We align your business objectives with LinkedIn's powerful tools, crafting a tailored approach for the platform's professional audience.


With LinkedIn's precise capabilities, we pinpoint the profiles most pertinent to your campaign so your message reaches the right people.


Using real-time analytics and split testing, we continually refine our strategies, ensuring your ads resonate and convert efficiently.


We provide comprehensive breakdowns, offering insightful metrics on your campaign's performance and returns.

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why are linkedin ads so expensive?

It's not exactly an industry secret that LinkedIn ads carry a heftier price tag than other platforms. This premium cost, however, is with reason. LinkedIn caters to a professional audience, a demographic often in decision-making positions with higher purchasing power. The platform meticulously refines user data, ensuring the audience targeting options are unmatched.

By advertising on LinkedIn, businesses tap into a reservoir of potential clients, partners, and industry leaders. Every interaction, every click, and every lead generated has a higher potential for conversion, given the nature of the platform's users.

That said, like any tool, LinkedIn ads' efficacy rests in the user's hands; this is where the expertise of a seasoned agency becomes invaluable.

By entrusting your LinkedIn advertising to professionals, you ensure your investment is leveraged to its fullest potential. A good agency doesn't just place your ad; they strategically position it, monitor its performance, and optimise for stellar results. In the grand scheme, with the right strategy and execution, LinkedIn's ad costs translate into a worthy investment for tangible business growth.

how do you manage linkedin ads?

At Giraffe Social, our approach to managing LinkedIn ads originates from our comprehensive understanding of the platform's unique professional landscape. Recognising that LinkedIn's audience is a curated mix of decision-makers, industry leaders, and professionals, we employ strategies tailored specifically to these demographics.

Initiating our process with a deep dive into your business objectives, we align your goals with LinkedIn's potent tools. Leveraging its precise targeting capabilities, we zero in on the profiles that matter most to your campaign. We meticulously craft creatives that resonate with the professional ethos of LinkedIn users, striking a balance between persuasive and professional.

Once the ads are live, real-time monitoring becomes our watchword. Using LinkedIn's robust analytics, we gain insights into ad performance, engagement metrics, and conversion rates. This data, in turn, informs our optimisation strategies, ensuring that your ad spend garners maximum ROI.

We provide a comprehensive breakdown, demystifying the nuances of your campaign's performance. With Giraffe Social at the helm, managing LinkedIn ads becomes an exercise in precision, creativity, and strategic foresight.

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