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Influencer Marketing

LinkedIn Advertising

As the home of business to business marketing on social media, LinkedIn advertising is a powerful way to reach the key individuals in your industry.

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LinkedIn Advertising Examples

LinkedIn Sponsored Content

We can help you promote native posts and content to the professionals you’d like to target, making B2B advertising easier than ever.

LinkedIn Text Ads

Whether you’re looking to drive web traffic or generate leads, text ads are a versatile option for B2B marketing.

LinkedIn Message Ads

Looking to engage key professionals and generate instant action? LinkedIn Message Ads are the ideal solution for you.

LinkedIn Dynamic Ads

Personalise your LinkedIn advertising to each specific individual you target – perfect for awareness and conversions.

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LinkedIn Ad Targeting

Location Ad Targeting

Our team will help you target your LinkedIn ads to a specific location, especially important targeting local businesses.

Interest Ad Targeting

We can also help you target an audience based on accounts they follow, ads they click and their general interests in topics.

Job Title Ad Targeting

What makes LinkedIn Ads so powerful is that we can target your ads to the specific job roles who are the decision makers in their companies.

Matched Audiences Ad Targeting

The Matched Audience option allows you to re-target web visitors or upload your own custom lists to use for targeting.

LinkedIn Advertising Management

Daily LinkedIn Ad Monitoring

Your LinkedIn advertising will be monitored by our team on a daily basis, ensuring they see any potential improvements in real time.

LinkedIn Advert Optimising

Your Manager will be continuously fine tuning the LinkedIn adverts we create, turning off ones that don’t work, learning from the ones that do.

LinkedIn Audience Optimising

We will analyse which parts of your audience is performing best and fine tune the targeting to maximise results from your LinkedIn ads.

Extensive LinkedIn Ad Reporting

You will receive extensive, but simple to understand, reports – showing you how your LinkedIn adverts are performing.

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