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Making the Most of the Festive Season

Making the Most of the Festive Season
Your company’s office may be decorated with the tallest Christmas tree and brightest baubles, but your brand will gain nothing from beautiful décor in the working environment. It’s time to get digital and turn your spirit for the festive season to your social media.

The Christmas season is one of the busiest times for businesses, and consequently for social media. Therefore, it’s difficult to get your brand noticed during the festive season, but with the right content, campaigns and strategy a business can optimise their social media to get the most out of the jovial period.

Change Your Logos

Editing your Facebook profile and cover photo to include a festive aspect, such as snowy graphics or your logo with a Santa’s hat on, shows you’re current and makes your page friendly and inviting. Research showed that people thought residents with Christmas decorations up were more approachable and welcoming than those who didn’t. The same applies with your social media – it draws attention to your page and lets your audience know your active and the page is up-to-date.

Festive Campaigns

Christmas is a time when everyone is searching on the Internet, looking for products, services and gifts. If your company is releasing a new product for the festive season, tweets and posts that tease consumers of your new release will keep people engaged, until you finally begin to sell it. On Twitter and Instagram, engage with popular Christmas hashtags or create a festive hashtag of your own that followers can interact with.

Also, if your company is running any charity events or Christmas-themed activities it would be fantastic to post about these too. It’ll make your company appear more personal and human and give your audience a chance to see your business behind the posts and photos.

Seasonal Strategy

Create a strategy and plan your posts and content ahead. Create a calendar to schedule content around your campaign with the question ‘How can my service or product benefit people at Christmas?’ always in mind. Think how your business will improve someone’s life, especially around the Christmas period. If you can’t think of a reason, this is when deals and offers could come in handy. Promotions such as free next day delivery or 50% off would help a lot of customers struggling with the economic issues and work stress induced by the festive period. Remember to always have your audience in mind. For example, followers of restaurants could benefit from vouchers with deals to get them through the door, whereas commercial businesses such as online clothing stores would gain advantage over their competition with discount codes and promotions that reduce the price of products and speed up delivery time.

Christmas Content Marketing

If your business has blog content, it is important that this too is centred around the festivities or at least partly related to Christmas. Content marketing is a great way to stand out from the competition, with articles that can be engaged with and shared amongst social media. For instance, restaurants and online grocery shops could share Christmas recipes that include their own products. However, competition grows around the season and it is important to stand out among the digital crowd. It is no good writing an article that has been written a thousand times before. Find out what is being searched, but focus on a more specific title and subject. For example, ‘Recipes for Christmas Food’ could become ‘Recipes for Vegan Christmas Food’, which would narrow down the search for a consumer and give your article and website a higher chance at being seen on Google. Tags in the article should include ‘Christmas’ and festive keywords that relate to your business and USP.

Email Marketing

Email marketing campaigns are an important way for your current audience to learn about the deals and promotions your business is carrying out around Christmas. You can send email campaigns that include gift cards, discount codes and vouchers that customers can use to purchase your products.

Adding festive season sparkle to your brand can benefit your social media immensely. Tis’ the season to engage, interact and spread the Christmas cheer…digitally.