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Morally Marketed: Our man’s amazing project!

Stu Ralph is our non-exec marketing director.  Having achieved a Marketing Masters, there isn’t much about the subject he doesn’t know and he always plays a big role when we all put our heads together and try and further improve the services we offer.  This post is about his brilliant project that he has been working on for some months now.  It is called Morally Marketed and it is an interesting take on the moral responsibilities that come with marketing.

Famous actors, sports stars, singers are frequently described as role models.  They have a moral responsibility to be a positive figure as they reach so many people with their persona.  So, why is it that the same moral responsibility isn’t placed so obviously on big companies who’s marketing has the potential to reach millions of people?  That is the mission of Stu: to investigate which companies are marketing with a moral conscience and which are perhaps sending out the wrong message.

We think that you should all take the time to go check the site out, because it is a brilliant insight into an aspect of an industry that is often overlooked.  Click the link below.

Morally Marketed Marketing Ethics Website

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