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Social Media Case Study: How do OREO use it?

Superbowl 2013 was a memorable event for many Americans and many people in the UK who like me stayed up all night with friends to watch it! It wasn’t just the game that was so interesting and memorable but also the long black out which seemed to go on longer than the actual playing. Twitter was involved in the whole event of the super bowl with users tweeting their comments of the game, beyonce’s booty and the black out, so the clever minds behind the Oreo company seized their opportunity and took the tweeting world, with a great marketing campaign.

The tweet was retweeted over 15,000 times and the followers of Oreo increased roughly 8,000, the tweet was simple, easy, and affordable but the results were exceptional.

 A reason for the success of Oreo’s advertising could be that they kept up to date, as soon as the black out occurred they was ready to go! Oreo took advantage of such a busy media event which obviously would have been carried over social media forms, their presence on the social media form was to the point and helped to engage the audience.

Oreo had not planned on the black out but they took to the opportunity when it happened, this is why the advertisement was as spectacular as it was, unexpected but excellent.

Oreo fully used social media to their advantage with this campaign as they were quick and to the point, they were always going to get a lot of recognition as they were so fast, which is something so important in the world of social media, as there would have been no point in the advert after the black out.

The advert is successful in getting Oreo in your head, the next time you went to the shops you would think of the campaign and hopefully this would lead you into buying a pack or three…the quick thinking of the Oreo Company really lead to great success for them, other companies tried to follow suit after seeing the success but were no where near as successful, they just weren’t

quick enough.


Oreo has been extremely successful with their use of social media but this is not just due to

the black out event, for example Oreo’s use of Facebook is extremely efficient, its up to date and fun, it includes a link to ‘Oreo kitchen playground’ which provides different recipes and fun things to do with your Oreo’s making it seem that it is much more than a biscuit but an essential item to have in your kitchen cupboard along with the 10 year old tin of tuna, this also leads to an highly engaged fan base that keeps coming back for more. The facebook page is very successful with 34,096,396 likes and 200,222 talking about it. Businesses should take a tip from the success of the wonderful tasty biscuit!

The fantastic social media presence that Oreo has manufactured has given the brand access to a large fan base and huge success. They company has a great reputation for their social media creativity, so maybe next time you pass them in the shopping aisle you will think of them a bit differently.

Content Assistant – @BeckiHowell

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