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How do Vanish use Social Media?

Vanish, produced by Reckitt Benckiser, is a brand of stain removal products, and it’s not just their products that have a crisp finish – their social media is pretty crisp too…

Vanish have expanded their brand world wide on Facebook, mostly due to their online campaigns. Just by quickly glancing at their official Facebook page, it’s instantly obvious how well they respond to any comments but more significantly, any complaints. (Wondering why that’s so important? Check out our new article on responding to negative comments…)

Vanish vs. the Internet

In 2012, the Vanish brand ran a campaign based in Australia. It was called ‘Vanish vs. the Internet’.

The campaign was split into three rounds, the first being that Vanish brought the world’s greatest stunt diver to Australia and then asked their audience what he should jump into. The campaign was picked up by various media around the world. The campaign reached over 3 million people and resulted in a 317% increase in Facebook fans.

Vanish Tip Exchange

Vanish also embraces the power of digital by promoting their website’s Tip Exchange section. The section gives you the option to either post a problem with a stain that you’re having, or post a tip for others to see. Both choices have a drop down list where you are presented with a variety of options relevant to your situation. Not many brands can say they offer such a creative platform for customers to exchange problems and give advice. It gets customers involved and could even give the company their own new ideas and it’s such a brilliant way to promote the Vanish products.

The brand also worked with other companies to create an app for Vanish in Greece with an aim to boost their social media presence. They aimed to quickly attract users to the Greek Facebook page by using gamification. The aim of the game was simple; those playing the game were shown different profile pictures of their Facebook friends, but one of them wasn’t real. The player had to ‘Vanish’ the profile photo of the fake friend. The ‘Vanish Them’ Facebook apps went live in March 2012, performing above and beyond expectations.

A great company who get social media and their brand

Vanish evidently understand both social media and their brand. They will continue to be successful in regards to their social media, but it may be worth expanding to other social media platforms. It’s safe to say Vanish are good at being creative online and won’t be vanishing off social cyberspace anytime soon.

By Content Assistant – Louise Railton – @LouiseRRailton

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