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Social media news roundup July 2020

Social Media News Roundup: July 2020

In social media news this month, Instagram wants us all to go shopping, Twitter surveys users for a paid subscription model, and Facebook steps up security. It’s time for another Giraffe news roundup!

Instagram Adds ‘Shop’ Tab

Back in May, we reported on Facebook and Instagram taking on eCommerce. The move came in a bid to make it easier for small businesses to take their brands online, giving them a higher chance of surviving the Covid-19 pandemic.

Instagram took the plans to the next level earlier this month, testing the shopping experience on a small global audience. Slightly different from the announcement in May, the folks at Instagram have made one simple change to make it easier for users to discover their favourite brands; they’ve switched the ‘activity’ icon for a ‘shop’ icon. By clicking on it, they’re taken directly to the screen previously only reached through the ‘shop’ tab in Explore.

Facebook Adds Extra Security Measures to Messenger

Security is always a concern with mobile devices, and Facebook have taken that into account with their latest Messenger update.

Previously, exiting the app meant it was closed, but still easily accessible. This month, Facebook added an extra level of security by adding App Lock to its menu, giving users the option of locking it upon exit. To open it again, an authentication method such as Face ID or Touch ID needs to be used, giving users extra protection should their phone be loaned, lost or stolen.

Currently only available on IOS, the update will be released on Android in the coming months.

Facebook Tests New Page Layouts

 In the never-ending quest for great user-experience, Facebook began testing a new layout for its Pages this month.

Using pages can be a complex and confusing experience, both for businesses and audience members. The latest updates being tested are designed to make Pages more streamlined and simplified. Currently, Facebook pages include both a ‘like’ and ‘follow’ option, but in the new model, the ‘like’ option is removed. Additionally, the new uncluttered layout makes it easier to see  important information about a page, including bio and follower count.

Page owners will benefit from the simplification too; they’ll be able to switch between their page and personal account faster, and track analytics more easily.

Twitter Surveys Users for a Paid Subscription Model

Finally, onto what has to be the biggest news in social media developments this month. The speculation that Twitter are considering branching out with a paid subscription has finally been confirmed. The news was leaked earlier in the month, and confirmed by CEO Jack Dorsey, who said any paid model would ‘have a really high bar’.

The plans appeared to be in motion today, as tech journalist Andrew Roth tweeted screenshots of surveys sent to users to find out what they might be willing to pay for. On the list of prospective features is ‘undo send’, which gives a thirty-second window for a tweet to be withdrawn. There are also options for custom colours, and a series of questions on advertising.