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Is Instagram Right For Your Business?

Is Instagram right for your Business

Image based social networking site Instagram rose to prominence in 2010 and experienced such rapid growth and popularity that Facebook purchased them two years later for a cool $1 billion (didn’t they know they could download it for free?) With roughly 60 million photos shared on Instagram daily, it’s certainly a place crammed full of engaged users – but is it a place where your business should be operating?

At a time when many businesses are finding it an increasingly difficult struggle to get their message heard within these crowded social media platforms, it is beyond doubt that the value of visual content is increasing all the time, and this is reflected in the emergence of visual apps such as Instagram.

The foundations to a good Instagram strategy

In order to have an awesome online presence the first step in any successful social media marketing strategy is to build a foundation, and that’s no different where Instagram is concerned. It’s important to research and to discover the photos that people share related to your business or industry. Are your competitors already on there? If so, what are they doing and what kind of engagement are they getting? Can you go one better and do something that they’re not? This needs to be considered before you jump straight in and start posting.

The next thing to consider is what your Instagram objectives are. You’ve already established that this is where your audience is, now you must determine what exactly you’d like to achieve. Instagram is brilliant for creating brand awareness and generating engagement and if you do this successfully then you’ll build a truly engaged community that will interact with you every step of your journey.

More to Instagram than pretty pictures

Trust us; although it’s easy to get caught up looking at all the pretty pictures and testing your hand at using a range of wonderful, arty filters, there’s a lot more to the platform than just solely pictures. In this respect it’s not unlike many other social media networks in the fact it’s about being social and networking. Above all else, the platform was designed to help people meet new people and then to build relationships. It allows interaction to occur between like-minded people – and that dialogue can result in new customers for businesses.

Instagram offers an excellent opportunity for brands to diversify and really broaden their reach in an entirely new scope. Ultimately, it enables your followers to gain an inside perspective about your business to stimulate a deeper connection.

If you’re not on Instagram yet, it’s really time to sit down and have a re-think because if you fail to keep up with modern marketing, you’re going to get left behind.

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