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Social Media News Roundup: August 2019

In social media news this month, Twitter creates a search bar for its direct messages feature, Facebook allows you to see and control all the data they have collected from external websites and apps and Instagram trials a new way for users to experience ads in the Stories feature.
Twitter’s Search Bar

If you’re a company that handles a lot of business through Twitter, you may find your direct messaging inbox to be a bit of a mess. Luckily, the social media platform is helping those who may be overwhelmed when trying to find a particular client or customer’s message with their new feature.

Instead of having to scroll through every user’s message on the Direct Messages feature, Twitter have been testing a new tool that will help you search for something in a conversation. The search bar will be a great aid to those who need to reply to complaints or contact a potential business partner again.

Facebook give you back some control

Facebook have been trying to make amends this month, with their new Off-Facebook Activity tool. The new feature gives you more control over your data. You can see what information Facebook receives about your activity on other apps and websites. Businesses tend to share data with Facebook – everything you do online creates a digital footprint. Facebook then use this data to make your experience on their platform better. The data is also super useful for advertising, as it can help tell Facebook what you’re interested in and what you’ve been looking at online.

However, the Off-Facebook Activity tool allows you to then disconnect your data from that account, so it will no longer be associated with you personally. It is due to be rolled out into settings soon!

Instagram tests back-to-back ads in their Stories feature

Instagram Stories has become a popular place for businesses to advertise their products and services. Although the quick, disappearing content only lasts for one click, it’s a great way to catch the eye of potential new clients and customers.

Instagram has been testing back-to-back Story ads this week with different brands appearing one after the other. It’s a bold move from Instagram as there are already ads appearing all over the app. The social media platform insists that user experience is still their number one priority, and that back-to-back ads could make users time spent on the app more seamless.