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Social Media News Roundup: August ’18 Week 4

In social media news this week, Instagram goes retro, Twitter advises you on your following list and Snapchat gets a new partner in crime…or should we say rhyme.
Instagram Goes to College

We are all for retro and vintage, and it seems so is Instagram with their new feature designed for college students (that’s university students for us). The new feature echoes Facebook’s original idea of connecting two people that attended the same college, as it’s set to help users on Instagram find each other more easily, if they both go to the same educational facility.

It’s still in testing and trials are currently well underway. The feature helps users connect by sending an invitation for them to join their university or college, by identifying their educational location through posts and followers. They can then see Stories and receive messages from other members of the university group. The new Instagram feature is set to help emphasise the importance of community and ad in Facebook’s mission in putting people, over promotional content.

Twitter Tells You to Unfollow

In Twitter’s bid to reclaim the top and most trustworthy spot at the top of all social media platforms, it’s now starting to suggest Twitter accounts you should unfollow. It seems like a bizarre move, but the social media site wants you to find news that really matters and hear from legitimate people who have something to say. Twitter want you to ditch the clutter and connect with people that make your social media experience worthwhile.

The lowdown of the new feature hasn’t been fully explained yet, but it’s likely that Twitter work out who you should unfollow by the amount you engage with them, rather the amount you don’t interact with them. It’s up to you whether you go along with Twitter’s purge or not, but if you do want the optimised experience, maybe it’s time to be guided by the social media site’s plans and ditch those unnecessary profiles.

Snapchat Meets TuneMoji

Snapchat has partnered up with TuneMoji an app that only ‘lets you say it with a song’ to allow users to add musical GIFs in their stories and personal chats. The new partnerships means Snapchat users can send each other fun, musical looping videos that’ll add a new dynamic to the quick fire app. Both Snapchat and TuneMoji must be installed for the new GIF features to work and you must go through the latter app to post.