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Social Media News Roundup: March ’18 Week 1

In social media news this week, Facebook removes some of its ad metrics, Viber reinvents the group chat on its app and Facebook introduces its Broadcast Composer to a select number of businesses.
Facebook Waves Goodbye to Unnecessary Ad Metrics

Facebook plan on removing around twenty of their ad metrics from July of this year that are already similar to each other and are getting rid of any that do not relate to business. They have deemed metrics such as ‘Button Clicks’, which show the number of times people click the call-to-action button and ‘Social Reach’, which displays how many people saw your ad when it was paired with social information, redundant and unnecessary as there are other metrics in place that produce similar and sometimes better results. Facebook has listed all the metrics they plan on scrapping and what advertisers can use instead to yield the same or better information in their business section.

One Billion Chat Notifications

Everyone has experienced the feeling of the group chat getting too much –  five of your friends messaging at once and repeatedly, how annoying? Well, imagine a group chat with one billion users having a conversation. This nightmarish idea has been brought to life by Viber, as it has announced its new group chat feature ‘Viber Communities’. The social messaging app has created a chat that can hold an unlimited number of users, well as long as they’re all using Viber, which is roughly one billion people!

Users in Viber Communities can send GIFs, videos and images along with text. To control the vast amount of people, Viber Communities has a feature that gives each individual in the group chat a role such as superadmin, admin or member. Superadmins can bring new people into the community and give others the power to add and remove people.

Broadcasting Businesses

Facebook has introduced its Broadcast Composer to a select number of business pages on the social media site in the U.S., Mexico and Thailand. Late last year, Facebook started testing the broadcast feature, which allows businesses to send messages to lots of different people through the Messenger app. However, the feature can only be used on those Facebook users who have contacted the business previously on their own terms.

Broadcast Composer’s purpose is to act like a bot and provide businesses the passageway to contact their entire audience, specifically individuals who want to listen and respond.