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The Benefits of a Social Presence

The Benefits of a Having a Social Presence

Keeping a social presence is essential for brands who want to grow their customer count, make a direct bridge between consumer and the business and keep up to date in the company’s industry.

A Facebook page can help you learn a lot more about your audience and help you target a focus group and the Facebook Insights tab helps you learn and grow as a business. A Facebook business page means you can view when your fans are online and liking your posts, what content was the most successful in terms of engagement and reach and what people are interested in the page and who’s liking what.

Facebook Does the Marketing for You Effectively

On Facebook you can build a community with current and future customers. If a business continues to post consistently relevant and quality content, then people are more likely to trust the brand. If people cannot find a page for the business on Facebook, they are often deterred.

Your customers can easily recommend you to their friends by sharing your posts or tagging them in comments. It’s a beautiful social circle, that if your brand gets cut out of, excludes you from the in-crowd and severs your connection with customers.

Having a Facebook page humanises your business. With a person that understands your brand’s aims, needs and identity behind the helm of your social media, it’s smooth sailing when building trusting relationships with customers and getting your products and services out there to the world.

Facebook is also good for SEO and provides another way people can find information about your business.

Your Competition Is Definitely Using it

Your business is out there every day, so you don’t have to be. Whether you’re a small and local business, a medium-sized company with a team or a massive corporation, having a Facebook page is beneficial to all. You can keep an eye on your competition’s social media pages too and see comments from their customers – it’s an easy way to stay on top of your industry’s news.

Also, having a social presence opens opportunities to clients and customers. You’re bound to gather a lot more interest and leads when you’re constantly in the public eye.

Facebook allows you to gain more reach and grow your audience through posts and competitions. Most importantly, Facebook can be accessed anywhere thanks to mobiles. This means your business page can be viewed on the train, on holiday or even on the commute to work. Your company is visible to everyone, everywhere at any time and with 1.15 billion users logging onto a mobile device daily, an audience is already ready and waiting for your content.

The World Becomes Smaller

You are easily more contactable as your business’s address, number and website are all just a click away from the Facebook page. Also, people will want to contact you if your company seems approachable and one way to achieve this is through posts with a friendly tone and amicable interactions on posts.

Where do most people tend to click through to a website through a link? Facebook. Along with engaging posts, users are more likely to visit a website, if the link has been shared on social media, especially if the content has been interacted with a lot. You can even see on your business’s page how many users have clicked through to your website and see what posts get more people through your digital door.

A brand needs a social presence to make sure they look legitimate, especially if you’re selling products through Internet sites such as Amazon. People will want to see reviews, comments and photos of the services and goods and where’s a better place to review all that than on a Facebook business page?