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Social Media News Roundup: November ’17 Week 4

Social Media News

In social media news this week, Facebook Messenger upgrades its sharing image resolution, Pinterest helps us find the picture we can’t search with words, Instagram improves its use on Mobile Internet browsers and Snapchat adds to its promotional features.
Messenger’s High Res Upgrade

Facebook has upgraded their image sharing resolution through Messenger from 2K to 4K. People can now share high-resolution photos to one another over the app. Facebook have also announced that the time for the image to download will be the exact same as the previous, low quality pictures. Many smartphones take photos at such a high resolution, so it’s extremely useful for those who want to share images and see more detail – families on other sides of the world can now see each other’s lives as close to real life as possible.

Visually Search on Pinterest

Pinterest has improved on their visual search tools this week. With five new features added to their Lens and Visual Search, Pinterest have made it easier to find things that people struggle to name. One update is similar to a QR-code, where users can use Pincodes to create their own code that, when scanned, will lead through to a board. This is aimed at business accounts so they can create a new code for a board of products they want to advertise.

However, for all those fashion addicts out there, finding an outfit becomes even easier. Lens Your Look searches for both text and a photo. It takes the user’s own photograph and combines it with an existing search, meaning you are more likely to find a similar picture with similar items that could potentially have a product linked.

Instagram Goes More Mobile…Browser

Instagram have too been expanding this week, specifically with their Stories feature. Users can now see other people’s stories from their mobile internet browser as well as the app. The new features allow mobile browser users to add text to their photos and save posts that they can come back and see on their Internet apps. However, posting videos and the direct messaging feature are both still only available to users with the app. There have still been no real developments for Instagram on desktop browsers, but it seems arbitrary when the app is so successful for mobile use. Nevertheless, the development for Instagram on mobile websites is a big step for those who have slower Internet connections.

Snapchat Story Promos

Snapchat have been experimenting with promotional tools this week and added in a new feature when advertising on the app that allows Promoted Stories. Like users when they post to their story, promoters will be able to include up to ten videos and photos that all users in their chosen country will be able to view as if they are a friend. This is great news for businesses looking to advertise in such a fleeting app as potential consumers could repetitively watch the ads within the 24 hour time limit.