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Changing Your Online Voice for the New Generation

Online Voice For A New Generation
The modern social era brings more and more problems for people wanting to advertise their products and services online. Although, apps and social media sites are adding more to their advertising and promoting tools, many are hindered by other aspects that block people from seeing the brand. People tend to forget that they’re talking to unique, different people through social media and with so many competitors it is vital to get your online voice right for the new generation.

Therefore, for people to see your posts, it is important to change up your features and aim your content at an individual, rather than a larger group. Even traditional advertisers such as The New York Times have shifted away from their in-your-face, generic style of ad banners and started looking at a more modern way to gain interest in their company.

Modern Day Problems

One problem of contemporary social media is a person’s ability to choose what they want to see – if an advertisement is annoying, an individual can simply remove it from their social media and block any future posts. For instance, if a person sees the same option of a similar product to click on numerous times as they scroll, they are more likely to be infuriated, than interested. Consequently, information is always in demand and often outdated within a few days. If an online presence isn’t aimed at anyone in particular, people are likely to skip any content a brand posts.

Pick an Individual, Not a Group

Advertisers must remember to think about the user first. Advertisements have long been based on a model that targets everyone, but not everyone is always interested in your product or services. It’s better to market to an individual than a large group of people, as it cuts out parts of the public that would bypass the advert on Facebook.

People are only interested in entertainment and information that they find personally hilarious or exciting. Users have access to things they enjoy at the touch of their finger, so it’s about marketing to those who will specifically click on the link.

When advertising, think about what will improve your target audience’s life and how the product will benefit them. It’s no good being really enthusiastic about your service if you’re unsure of how it will help someone else. Consequently, if you have a new product and already an audience, aim the content of posts at them. It is vital to understand your target as your campaigns and themes will mould with your followers and listeners.

Content for a New Era

It’s best to think how your audience would think – identify topics that would be engaging and posts that specific consumers would find humorous.

It is significant to hone in on aspects of your online voice, such as tone and linguistic style, to get it right and defined. A person is much more likely to click on a link or explore a page that seems like it was made just for them. For example, for a women’s online clothing website, they may use terms as ‘Hey Bae’, which is terminology that will eliminate an older generation and target a smaller group of followers that their clothes are designed for. This saves time and effort on all those advertisements and posts being glanced over, as it’s a contemporary, direct and young women will know that the clothes are aimed at individuals their age. A great way to see it is that you’re pitching to someone sitting in bed in their pyjamas – how would you speak to someone in this manner?

Refining your online voice for an individual will benefit your posting and advertising as it is will make content far more consistent, concise and accessible to your specific target audience and bring your brand into the modern era.