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Social Media News Roundup: October 2019

In social media news this month, Instagram tests a new Invites sticker and a Group Stories feature, Facebook prepares for its new News tab and Pinterest allows users to react to videos on the site.
It’s never too late for a party

Fed up of trying to organise events without your friends RSVPing in time, or at all? We all know the pain of hosting an event on Facebook, with friends simply leaving you on ‘Seen’. Instagram has got your back with the new feature they’ve been testing on their app this month. The social media site has been experimenting with ‘Invite’ stickers, which let your friends know you’re hosting an event. The option has been showing up in the usual spot alongside ‘GIFS’ and ‘Location’. The tool then lets them RSVP directly. You can also add the details of the event – the name, the date and time and the location of where it’s being held.

Before people were creating accounts just to advertise events; we imagine Instagram has created this tool to help tackle that issue too.

Group up with Instagram

Although the Group Stories feature on Facebook was dropped, the social media company are now testing it on Instagram – a place where Stories are at the forefront of their success.

It’s likely to be more successful, as the Stories feature on Instagram is far more popular than it is on Facebook. The feature will simply allow users to share group stories to their close friends.

The Facebook News at Nine

In the battle against fake news and clickbait, Facebook have been working on their News tab and are finally ready to let it go live. After a year concentrating on friends and family’s content, and getting users’ feeds back where they want them, Facebook have created the News feature which will have content from big media brands. All the news will be vetted by Facebook itself, and edited by those in-house at the social media site if necessary.

Pinterest are having a reaction

Pinterest have been testing reactions to videos in their platform this month, with the success of the feature in other areas of the site and app. Users were granted access to reactions in Group boards, and now it seems they will be able to react with more positive emojis to videos soon too. There’s not a sad emoji in sight with the options being: Good, Love, Thank, Wow and Haha and a cute emoji to match.