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Ten Timeless Christmas Ad Campaigns

It would seem that there is more pressure than ever before on companies and retailers to produce the preeminent of Christmas promotion. We have scoured the years of Christmas adverts to bring you a list of our top ten favourites. Most of our choices seem obvious, but there are a few that have been gracefully forgotten over the years.


KFC’s “The Taste that Unites”, 2013

KFC are arguably known for their adverts that illustrate bringing people together over a bargain bucket fit for the family, but this time they have added a little humour to their normal routine and gone for a festive singsong with a twist.


Sainsbury’s, 2013

Back in the day, Jamie Oliver made himself the face of food for Sainbury’s, but this year, Sainbury’s have gone all out and made many faces the feature of their Christmas advert. It would seem that the idea of real people enjoying a Christmas of their own, brings us back to a time of traditional togetherness, and the excitement of Christmas.


M&S’s Christmas Fairytale, 2013

Bringing back the dreamy magic of Christmas, M&S explore a wonderland of fairytales in their most recent Christmas themed advert. There is almost an element of nostalgia as we try to decode the fairytale being presented, and then we feel the same rush of excitement as we get on Christmas day, as we realise it’s our favourite bedtime story being played out.


Kellogs, 1991

Fair enough, this one is a bit out-dated, but it’s a classic for adverts in general and has even been resurrected this year to promote Kellogs new Christmas packaging. It brings us back to the time we believed in Santa and only wanted the best for him, as it meant the best presents for us!


Tesco, 2013

Tesco aren’t normally known for Christmas advertising. Usually we will just get bombarded by cheap turkeys with all the trimmings, but this year it would seem Tesco has decided to up their game, and match up to the likes of more upper market brands such as Morrison’s and Sainsbury’s. Tesco’s 2013 Christmas advert is another display of personal touch, following the ‘home videos’ of a family at Christmas over the years.


John Lewis “The Bear and the Hare”, 2013

Now, most of you may disagree and wish for this advert to be number one on our list, but despite this advert touching our hearts, their seems to be a lot of fuss about not much at all. John Lewis have produced much more enchanting tales in the past, and it almost feels like they have made such a name for their Christmas adverts, that this one didn’t quite step up to the plate. Yes, it is magical and sweet but it is more beautiful and artistic than an advertisement as such.


M&S’s Celebrities Galore, 2009

Some of you may or may not remember this advert, but Marks and Spencers pulled out the big guns (of cash) with this Christmas advert that featured a glorious array of famous faces. It almost illustrated how even the big stars need somewhere to buy their gifts from, and that they are no different from us ‘normal folk’. Either way, this advert certainly had a touch of glamour and a little bit of humour that made it sit a little bit above the others.


Yellow Pages, 1992

Anyone and everyone should be able to remember back to a time before the Internet, where we actually had to look through phone directories to find the people and things we needed. Yellow Pages created an advert that I feel can be referenced to by generations, and has a sweet, Christmas warmth that will never stop lasting.


Coca-Cola “Holidays are coming”

Now, how daft would we be to not include the iconic Coca-Cola Christmas advert in our top ten? Coca-Cola has strategically set themselves up as the advert that signifies the beginning of Christmas. Despite other years presenting various different Christmas adverts, “Holidays are coming” seems to be the one that has stuck.


John Lewis “The long wait”, 2011

You may not all agree, but this advert has an endearing and heart-warming message that makes you feel like that is what Christmas is all about. John Lewis have set themselves the challenge to each year produce something great, and they really out-did themselves with this one. Featuring a young boy who is eager as any for the big day to arrive, only to wish more to give his parents their presents rather than open his own. This advert portrays a message of caring that has not been even remotely illustrated by other advertisers.

By Content Manager – Astrid Hall – @AstridGiraffeSM

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