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The Death of the ‘Entrepreneur’

Are you ready for a Bill Burr stylie rant?  If the answer is no, then please stop here!

When I was younger, I dreamed of growing up and being an ‘entrepreneur’. Well, that and being an astronaut/cowboy combo. However, now I’m older and technically I guess could be referred to as an entrepreneur, I’d really rather you didn’t. For me the word has been destroyed. Sometimes there are certain words that have to be bestowed upon you – I am of the belief that entrepreneur is one of those words.

Let’s look at the definition:

‘A person who organizes and operates a business or businesses, taking on financial risk to do so.’


Okay, so essentially anyone who starts a business then? That’s a whole lot of people. I feel somewhere along the line it has become ‘cool’ to be an entrepreneur and this is what has led to the constant string of people referring to themselves as one.

Maybe I’m just being a bit old school here, but I just think the word has been somewhat ruined. I remember growing up and looking at people referred to as ‘entrepreneurs’ with such admiration. But these days it seems as if everyone is an entrepreneur. In fact, a quick search will show you that almost a quarter of a million of Twitter users have included the word in their own bios!

On top of the consistent self referral, the word is experiencing further devolution in the form of it being altered for different types of people. For example: Mumpreneurs, Serial Entrepreneur and Wantrepreneurs.

Where is it going to stop?!?!

Rant over.

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