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Are you Ready for Facebook Home?

Facebook Home was unveiled to users outside of the US this week, so we’d thought we’d run an article on what the hell it is and what the reaction has been like. So here it goes…
What is Facebook Home?

Facebook home is a new Facebook-centric app that alters the user interface for android phones. Sorry iPhone users! Essentially Facebook takes over your homescreen and turns it into a hub for all your Facebook activity. Home focuses on your personal feed and has improved the notification system. Another new feature, which is somewhat gimmicky, but we quite like, is Chat Heads. Your messenger will now have the heads of the people you’re chatting to at the top.  Not exactly revolutionary, but good fun all the same.

In the summer, the UK will also see the HTC First, aka the first ‘Facebook Phone’ – that will come with Facebook Home preinstalled.

Is it any good?

Errr, apparently not. Initial reviews on Google Play were nothing short of awful. You’d expect a few one star reviews from people who just enjoy hating things, right? Well, how about 47% giving it a one star review! That is really bad. Shockingly bad. People are complaining that the app made their interface over complicated and found it difficult to access their other apps. Although, this isn’t the whole picture because there are plenty of people who do like it.

Have you downloaded Facebook Home yet? What did you think of it?

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