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10 iPhone Apps Every Entrepreneur Must Have


For all budding entrepreneurs, during the start-up stages of a new business staying focussed and efficient is integral to success. With a considerable amount of work to do on-the-go, it will come as no surprise that a certain amount will have to be carried out on your mobile…

If you are looking to maximise use of your time then you can do a lot worst than investing in some great iPhone apps. So many a designed to help you increase productivity and get the job done. So if your finding yourself blankly staring at the app store wondering what to get first, here are our top 10 iPhone apps for entrepreneurs!

1. Fast Analytics – Free

Google Analytics is a key tool for start ups and being able to track how your rankings are faring while on the go can be really useful. We’ve tried most of the apps for tracking Google Analytics and believe this is the best one.

2. Skype – Free

At a point when building and communicating with your network is imperative, Skype is a must.

3. Clear – £1.49

Investing in a to-do app is a great way to prioritise your tasks. We find Clear to be the best of the to-do app bunch. A lot of people favour Remember the Milk – but we find the simplicity of Clear marks it as a winner.

4. Dropbox – Free

Much like Skype, Dropbox is so widely used that it makes it a must for any entrepreneurs phone.

5. CardMunch – Free

Fed up of trying to find all those business cards you’ve collected?  This app allows you to scan it in and store all of them on your phone, as well as sending the contact information to your address book.

6. Wi-Fi Finder – Free

Use this app to find the nearest free Wi-fi, and then go use it on the move! Simple as that.

7. Expensify – Free

Expensify syncs with your credit cards and bank accounts to track purchases in real time and then lets you create awesome expense reports.

8. TripIt – £2.49

TripIt is a great tool for keeping track of your all travel information, reservation numbers, times, etc.

9. Evernote – Free

The best app for taking notes, storing ideas.  Just let your brain spill into this app, and then check it all back later.

10. Square – Free

This app turns your phone into a portable card machine.  Of course, Square take a fee for each transaction, but it’s only 2.75% – making this an awesome tool for businesses on the move.

So those are the top 10, can you think of anything we’ve missed?  Drop us a comment below with your recommendations!


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