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The Only Social Media Tip That Really Matters


Today we received a letter in the post. Most generic and boring letters have printed addresses on the front, but this letter was hand written – and good things always come inside hand written letters.

So we opened the envelope and inside was a hand written note and a sachet of coffee. At this point we were pretty confused, as you can imagine. Why would someone decide to send us a small, insignificant sachet of coffee? The note read “It won’t compare to your Starbucks hazelnut mocha with soya coffee, but we thought we’d treat you to a coffee anyway!”.

It turns out the hand written note was from a company called Office Mojo. Office Mojo are are a stationery company we have spoken to a few times on Twitter and at some point we must have told them our coffee preferences. The endearing thing is the fact we don’t even remember saying it, but they have listened and remembered. They have then gone to the effort of sending us this thoughtful note.

Many companies on social media don’t get it, they just see it as a free place where they can just constantly shout about their products and services. Whilst this is one use of social media, it is a great way to connect with people who would love to buy what you have to offer. If this is all you do, people will get bored and unfollow or unlike you. These types companies only talk, they never listen. Office Mojo listened to us and because of that the likelihood that we will purchase stationary from them in the future is now very high.

If we could give your one social media tip that really matters it would be just that: talk less, listen more.

Here is a photo of the note:

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