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Top 10 Writing Mistakes Made.

I was doing my daily browse through PR journals and websites and came across an interesting read on PR Daily.

Top 10 writing mistakes nearly everyone makes.


1. Affect vs. Effect. The easiest way to remember the difference between them: affect means “to influence.” Ergo, if you’re going to influence something, you will affect it. If it’s the result of something, it’s an effect.

2. The Oxford comma. This is a comma before the word “and” in a list. Eg. The Union Jack’ flag is red, white, and blue. 

3. Commas, in general. Essentially, where you need a break to breathe if you were to be reading your text out aloud. You don’t want to do this: Let’s eat grandma vs. let’s eat, grandma. Poor grandmas are going to be eaten for dinner.

4. Their, they’re, and there. Argh! This one is a little pet peeve of mine. You would assume everybody learnt this during primary school years, but it’s the biggest mistake I always see. There: location. Their: a possession. They’re: to say ‘they are’.

5. Care less. “I could care less” you hear this all the time and it’s incorrect. ‘If you could care less, that means there is more you could care less about the topic. Most people omit the “not” in that phrase. It should be, “I couldn’t care less.”’

6. Irregardless. This word doesn’t exist. It should be regardless.

7. Nauseous. You don’t feel nauseous, you feel nauseated. Nauseous refers to something being sickening. 

8. Your and you’re. Pet peeve numero dos. I’ve witnessed one too many content creators using the your/you’re incorrectly. You’re: simply means You are. Your: you use for everything else.

9. Fewer vs. less. Less is QUANTITY and FEWER refers to a number. Example: Facebook has fewer than 5000 employees.

10. Me vs. I. Mistakes made with these two pronouns are increasingly apparent everywhere. Easiest way to learn. 

He told Sam and (I or me?) to get ready.
He told I to get ready? NO
He told me to get ready? YES
Therefore, He told Sam and me to get ready.

Let me know if you’re guilty of any of these mistakes. 

Content Manager – Meera Patel 


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