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What is Evergreen content?

Evergreen content is a relatively simple concept, but unless you’re familiar with it already you probably won’t have heard of it before. Once you have a better understanding of what evergreen content actually is, you will realise just how simple and easy it is to apply it to your online strategy.

So what exactly is evergreen content?

Evergreen content is content that keeps changing over a period of time and consequently stays ‘fresh’. It is content that usually reverts around one theme, but constantly changes to keep interested parties engaged. Take for example sports news, where the theme remains the same but news and stories constantly change. The sports section of a newspaper remains fresh due to the fact that while the paper covers the same topic week in week out, the information that is contained within it changes every week. Another example to consider is a magazine or article that looks into new book releases. Although the magazine is about new books, the fact that new books are published every week means that the content will be different every time and is therefore referred to as ‘evergreen’, meaning forever green.


Now you can begin to see why evergreen content is so important for your online content. Nobody likes old news, blog posts or content! It may seem obvious, but you need to ensure that your content already has some appeal before sharing. Otherwise viewers will not want to share on your content or read it themselves on a regular basis. Research into what your target audience likes, what they dislike and what they would like to see in the future then become of pivotal importance. Once you have begun to generate content it needs constant pruning and altering if you want it to remain a success. The worst editors and content creators are the ones who think that their idea will set them up for life. With that being said, if you have a solid idea that is of major interest to users it will revolutionise your media, perhaps encouraging users to become sharers and advocates for your brand. 

The only question that remains is: Why aren’t you using it? 

By Content Assistant – Tim Sykes

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