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Why do I need to back up my files? How do I do it?

While it may seem that backing up your files is a long procedure, there is nothing worse than the feeling of losing work, photos and videos of dancing cats – it’s a face-palm feeling!

It is not essential for you to back up anything and everything; you can just choose the files that are of the most importance. We are in the advent of technology, but some form of hi-tech gear is always failing on us. If your computer has a melt down – you have the security of knowing everything is stored safely elsewhere.

It is very simple for you to back up your files and there are many possible ways on how to do it simply.

CD-Rs and CD-RWs

A great source of backing up, especially now that CD burners are becoming easier and faster to use, CD’s have a large amount of memory so it is very easy to back up your files and easy to get a lot of files onto one single CD.

Online backup

Another way of storing those important documents. This allows you to store your files online so there is no need to keep track of where your CD’s are; it allows you to download your files back whenever you need them. Online backup is as simple as sending yourself an email with the document attach so that it’s stored in the memory of your email account. DROPBOX is an excellent online source!

USB’s and Hard Drives

A great and easy way of backing up your files also. When you insert your USB into your computer it should be recognised and then you can start backing up your files, depending on the storage captivity you may be able to store a vast amount of files onto the small stick.

What ever way you choose to back up your files make sure you do!

Rebecca Howell – Social Media Content Assistant – @beckihowell 

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  1. I use carbonite personally at home. It’s a fab daily back up system that covers EVERYTHING on your PC

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