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20 Incredible Social Media Statistics

Social media opens a world of opportunities to those that use it, either for business or for personal use. Social media platforms have changed the way we go about our daily life and altered how we sell, advertise, communicate and network with each other and companies.

But how effective really is social media and what impact has it had? Here’s twenty incredible social media statistics that will make you want to start tweeting today, if you haven’t been already…

There are 2.38 billion active Facebook users a month

That’s right, as you can see from our 2013 edition of amazing social media statistics on our blog, Facebook has grown from 1.19 billion to 2.38 users! That’s 2.38 billion people that could potentially be interested in your products or services – it may cost a hefty lot to reach them all though! Nevertheless, the more people on Facebook, the more opportunities for you to find people that may be interested in your business.

3.27 billion people use social media via their phones

The amount of social media mobile phone users has actually grown by 3% this year. Mobile use takes a bigger percentage of website traffic than desktop. This means you should always be optimising your content on social media for mobile too and making sure your cover photo and images all fit appropriately. You should also ensure your website is mobile-friendly.

Video content is in its prime

78% of people watch online videos every week, 55% watch every day. That’s a lot of new content that needs to be put out there to be consumed every day! Video is essential in engagement and varying up your posting types!

There’s a lot of content out there

Via WordPress, 70 million blog posts are published every month. That’s a lot of blog posts, meaning yours have to stand out amongst the crowd.

The three most powerful content marketing tactics are…

Social media content, blogs and email newsletters!

Google receives 100 billion searches a month

The more people searching, the more likely you are to get found. However, if you aren’t using SEO properly, then there’s no chance you’ll appear in any users search results.

There are new social media users everyday

It may be shocking that not everyone in the world is on social media already. Precisely, 86,400 people start using social media for the first time a day.

Twitter is the new age

The largest age group that uses Twitter is millennials, making it one of the best platforms to use if the younger generation is the audience you want to reach.

Addictive behaviour

Social media users spend an incredible two hours and twenty-two minutes a day on the platforms! Did you know that’s 8.5% of you waking day?

Social media marketing really does pay off

90% of marketers report that incorporating social media in their strategy has increased their brand exposure.

391 million accounts are a ghost town

Almost 400 million Twitter profiles have no followers at all. This shows that just being on social media doesn’t mean you’re going to be immediately successful on the platforms. You have to be put in hard work, create a strategy and take advantage of advertising tools to get your brand out there.

Twitter users like a reply

77% of Twitter followers feel better about a brand once the business has replied to their tweet. It’s vital to uphold and keep on top of your community management. Ensure your replying and responding to all inbound messages and find new users to interact with every day.

Instagram users spend an average of fifteen minutes on the app

When doing social media management, you have a really short amount of time to make Instagram followers see their posts. Within a quarter of an hour, Instagram users have scrolled, seen some posts and closed the app again. Therefore, you need to make sure your posts are of high quality and visually attention-grabbing.

Instagram is Influencer Marketers’ number one

78% of marketers claim that Instagram is their number one option for the newly rising Influencer market.

Fiction is sometimes better than reality

Did you know that in 2011, there were over 75 million more people playing Farmville than there were actual farmers? The world of social media sometimes overpowers real life. Thus, if you create something engaging enough, you can distract people online from their reality.

Make it easy with e-commerce

It seems that people are more likely to make purchases if they feel like the payment process is safe and secure. 49% of social media users are more likely to buy if there’s an easy and safe method like Amazon Pay.

Remember to caption

Users will keep on scrolling past videos if you don’t have captions. Nowadays, 85% of people will watch videos in mute, so subtitles are essential when posting video content.

Facebook even helps with a caption tool that will provide you with subtitles automatically. You just have to edit them if they’ve been put in wrong.

People will talk, but not all will follow

An incredible 96% of people talk about brands that they don’t follow on social media platforms. That’s why it’s essential to keep an eye on Twitter about what people are talking about. If you set up a column in Tweetdeck with your brand name you can see if anyone if tweeting about you; the same works with your products or services too.

Two born every LinkedIn second

An impressive two new users join LinkedIn every second! Therefore, there’s new people to connect and target every day, so it’s vital your business is on the social media platform.

Location on Instagram

People are far more likely to interact with a post that’s got a location. Engagement rates of Instagram content that has been tagged with a location are 79% higher than posts that have the section left blank.