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Five Changes to Make for Social Media Results

There are five changes to make for social media results; set goals, brighten your Facebook page, advertise your social media accounts, personalise your accounts and connect with competitors. 

It is human nature to want the quick fix, the magic bullets that get you a hundred times the results with a hundred times less effort! However, social media is a task that requires patience and effort. That said, there are certainly some things you can do in the short term that will help you in long term – and today we’re going to look over five changes to make for social media results.

If you invest in these five simple steps you will definitely get better results. It will also give you a terrific insight into just how much you could achieve with a full blown social media marketing strategy. Trust us – the answer is almost certainly a lot.

1.  Have Clear Goals & Form a Strategy Around Them

Ideally before you start your social media adventure you should have clear goals of what it is you wish to achieve. Having these goals will allow you to create an appropriate strategy and keep you on the straight and narrow! So what would you like to achieve? Is your social media about driving more sales, or is it perhaps about being a company that offers the best customer service? Whatever it is, get it down on paper and put in the wall by your computer. These goals should guide everything that you do on social media.

2.   Brighten Up Your Facebook Page

Too many companies just cover their Facebook pages in text. Every status is just text which says what it is they sell, or what their latest offer is. This is a huge mistake. The purpose of your page is to draw people in and convince them that your page is worth liking and checking up on. People hate having to read too much. If they are confronted with a page that is covered in text then they will run for the hills. Mix it up, start posting fun images that relate to your industry, or links to great websites that are relevant to what you do. Brighten up your page and more likes will start to come in.

3.  Tell The World About Your Social Media

Another frequent mistake of businesses on social media is to create pages and accounts and then not tell anyone about them. How are you going to generate likes and follows when no one knows about it. Do these things now to give yourself a kickstart:

  • Add your Facebook & Twitter accounts to your business cards and headed paper.
  • Add a call to action (follow us/like us) about your social media to your email signature.
  • Message every friend and family member you have asking them to show their support and like your page, follow your account – and if they’d kindly ask their friends to do the same.
  • Add a ‘Follow Us’ and ‘Like Us’ button to your website.

4.  Maximise the Potential of Your Personalisation

Social networks gift you with a level or personalisation that a lot of people don’t capitalise on. With Twitter you can have a background that sells your business, tells people what it is. Spend the money and have a professional design you a great Twitter background – it’ll be worth it. Also, don’t have your profile picture as a logo – as people simply don’t want to connect with a faceless company. The same applies to Facebook, however there are some more restrictions as to what you can include in your cover photo – so make sure to check these!

5.  Connect With All of Your Competitors

This seems counter-intuitive, but it isn’t. Find out who the leaders in your industry are, find out who the other companies in your area who are doing what you do – and connect with them. Speak with them. This does a few things. Firstly it puts you on the map, if you are speaking with industry leaders and seem to have a friendship with them – then people will associate you with them. Also, it allows you to learn from the best.  Examine what they are doing, learn, and then change your attempts to mirror what the best are doing!

Edited 18/05/2020

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