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Book Review: Twitter Power 2.0

I read this book a fair while ago now, but it stays with me as one of the more extensive books written about Twitter. Authored by Joel Comm, the book seeks to explain why Twitter has so many real business possibilities that you could actually implement yourself.

It is quite refreshing to read a social media book that has the balls to literally just be about one social network. A lot of authors don’t feel comfortable with exploring one topic that extensively and usually add a few bits in about other social networks. Well, if you’re looking to learn about Twitter – look no further. This is a pretty complete guide.

Comm covers areas such as how to use Twitter more productively, how to create the perfect profile and how to measure your results as you go. I read this book before we even started Giraffe Social Media, but it remains one of the books I often find myself dipping back into. This demonstrates my belief that the book is ideal for both beginners and experts. If you don’t know anything about tech, computers or Twitter – that is fine. The book is jargon free and explains things in a manner that is both easy to understand and easy to absorb!

I really hope that this book helps businesses start getting it right, on a social network that is so frequently used in an annoyingly incorrect manner by businesses.

Check it out here.

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