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Facebook Live for Dummies

If you’re looking for the sum total of the most engaging content styles on social media, video takes the biscuit. But when you take the rate of engagement of video and multiply it by the exclusivity of live content, you get something altogether irresistible to users. That’s what makes Facebook live such an exciting prospect for businesses…

Live streaming is in no way a new concept. It has been around in one form or another for a great deal of years now. But it’s only recently with the development of smartphone technology and untethered data that it’s been able to really come into it’s own.

Facebook live was announced back in August last year, and at the time was released only to a selection of verified public figures through the app, and was marketed as “a new way for you to connect with your favorite public figures.” It’s since been rolled out to all users to access via iPhone and Android apps and can be used by verified businesses as a marketing tool.

How to go live on Facebook

In order to go live on Facebook you will need a quality smartphone, the Facebook app for Android or iOS and a good internet connection. Head to the app and navigate onto your business page before following the steps below:

Facebook Live Publish Button Giraffe Social Media1. Tap the publish button: The publish button is right at the top-­left of your page, just below your call to action. This is the same process you would follow if you wanted to post anything on the go.




Facebook Live Button2. Tap the live stream icon: The live stream icon is the one that looks a little bit like a person with a double afro.




Giraffe Social Media on Facebook Live

3. Write a description: It’s really important that you write a sufficient description for your live stream, otherwise users won’t have a clue what you’re doing! Then just Tap go live and start streaming!



Things to know before going live

Just like any other part of your strategy, the key to a successful live broadcast on Facebook is planning and preparation. You should also be aware that broadcasts are currently limited to 90 minutes and are immediately converted into videos once you finish streaming. Facebook’s best practice has three top tips for businesses before they go live, which are as follows:

1. Inform people ahead of time when you are going to broadcast: It’s a no-­brainer really, but you need to market your broadcast in advance if you have any hopes of getting the right people tune in. Set some time aside to build some hype about your live stream.

2. Keep an eye on the strength of your connection: We often wish that from where we are now worrying about internet connection should be a thing of the past. However, sadly it is still the case. Without a good enough internet connection, you will be unable to start a Facebook live broadcast.

3. Spend time writing a good description for your broadcast: So much has been written about creating awesome headlines for content and crafting great posts. The same thing counts here. Make sure it is enticing and actually makes sense.

What to do when you are live

What you do when you are live will depend on your business and the sort of content you share. Options range from behind the scenes sneak peeks or products, to Q&As with staff members, to in­-action live content. Bear in mind that users can follow you and opt to get notifications for future streams during while they are watching the broadcast. Encourage them to do so! As you stream you will see new users popping up -­ greet them all by name and make them feel welcome. This makes them far more likely to keep viewing.

Happy streaming!

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