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How can your Business Use Reddit and Get Results.

Warning! Without even a basic presence on Facebook and/ or Twitter, your business is kissing away, and perhaps another word which rhymes, the opportunity to handle additional queries and complaints quickly and for more customers to know about your brand and philosophy. In addition, it’s worth pointing out that the development of a fan page or Twitter account is cost effective, compared to a TV advert during Britain’s Got Talent, even if you ask for the help of a third party. Many organisations make use of more than just the big two social networks though. The BBC for example also has a presence on Google +, Instagram, YouTube and Tumblr.

But what about Reddit? Can it be used to further increase engagement? Personally, why can’t it be used by a well-known bookmaker to promote a viral video which sees a blind footballer kick a cat, or utilised by a concert promoter to advertise, using a cryptic image perhaps, the venues and dates of a tour by one of the most popular artists in the world. Why also can it not be used by the makers of the Great British Bake Off to encourage fans of the show to post photos of their own spectacular creations, or baking disasters, as is regularly the case with me, or by the producers of the X Factor to gauge opinions of a particular act?

Here are some other ideas which may interest your business. First, why not consider the development of an additional customer service platform, similar to ones that already exist on Facebook and Twitter, with pre prepared answers for the most popular questions, photos and videos which better explain potential technical issues, plus the opportunity to chat live with technical support staff. Second, a business could also develop a specific network, community or subreddit, where users can share their own experiences. This in my opinion would be ideal for a tourist board or interest group, such as Surfing.

Other ways that a business could potentially utilise Reddit include a news and rumours service,

especially useful if you’re a sporting brand, an events diary, which is also ideal for theatres, festivals and local communities, Q+A sessions with executives and/or customer facing staff, plus competitions and interviews. But why have businesses failed to utilise the potential of Reddit? I think it’s down to two major factors. First, Facebook and Twitter already provides the vast majority of functions described above, and second, because of the lower number of registered users. In the UK for example, it is believed to be just over 77,600. In comparison, Mark Zuckerburg’s machine of world domination commands over 30 MILLION.

The reality therefore is that whilst Reddit has the potential to provide businesses greater exposure to potential customers, companies are unwilling to take a gamble, instead choosing to maintain a presence on other more popular social media platforms, despite the fact that Facebook has lost over two million members in this country in just six months.

 Content Assistant – Alex Blakey – @ajrblakey


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