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How should social media be used in schools?

We, the public, love social media. It’s a fun easy way to spread an opinion, share a joke, but also more importantly, to learn! So why are we not using it to its full advantage in schools?

When it comes to school life there will be those teachers that you remember more clearly. The ones that were easily approachable and you did not feel as if they just viewed you as one of their many students over the years but generally made you feel that the invisible barrier between teacher and student had been broken when it came to a sense of being approachable.

How social media could help in schools

Social media could be used to help improve this valuable aspect; by allowing each teacher to have their own teaching Twitter account so if needed they were easily accessible to students. They could post lesson recaps, answer homework questions, and also, allow students to tweet what they’ve learned in 140 characters to the teacher account!

This could allow the students to feel a lot more connected to the teacher in question but still keeping the barrier between student and the teacher’s personal life as the teachers own private Twitter account would not be used. It will allow students to see that teachers have a life outside school and don’t just sleep in the stationary cupboard! They themselves eat, sleep and watch TV and are very much the same as the students they teach.

Online videos and teaching

Videos are also popular today. In class they could be used to help to keep the students alert, as from my own experience, listening to a teacher talk continuously for an hour isn’t the easiest thing to follow, especially when your mind starts to drift!

Video usage within the learning environment is a great idea, as it would help to break down the day and make the environment more fun and interactive. The benefit of videos has been made apparent through the page of YouTube, 2012’s third most visited site in the entire world!

Videos could easily be used within the school but also outside of school as a form of research. If the school were to set up a YouTube account students could access the account and interact with any content that has been posted for them.

The advantages of using social media within schools

The advantages of using social media within schools seem to all point in the right direction; many young people today are immersed within social media and the Internet. The use of it will encourage enthusiasm and interaction within their work.

It will allow an easy way for students to express their viewpoints, ask questions and discuss issues. It’s easy access for students to be involved in class discussion without being too embarrassed to raise their hand.

Social media is a great advantage especially to those who may to be timid to participate in the classroom environment. With a monitored regulation the advantages are never endless and illustrate a new way of learning within schools.

Rebecca Howell – Social Media Content Assistant – @beckihowell 

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