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How Do I Become Vine Famous?


Since it’s inception in 2012, Vine has become one of the most popular social networks available online. Its users have managed to achieve a famous status by posting funny, silly, and often incredible videos; or ‘vines’. Viners and YouTubers have taken on fame in a whole new setting and many make excellent money through the advertising their videos attracts. Others, like Shawn Mendes, have even secured a record deal as a result of showcasing their talents on Vine. So, the question on everybody’s lips is, how do you become Vine famous?

Like most social media sites, fame is measured in followers on Vine and so it seems prudent to look at what those with the most followers are doing to ensure their continued successes. The top Viners, more often than not, are posting humorous videos, but what they all have in common is talent. Arguably, some content is funnier or more impressive than others but they all pack in a lot of flair for entertaining viewers and, clearly, they appeal to at least a handful of people.

Creating successful Vines

Vine’s formatting allows for users to create quite unique videos that don’t rely on linear filming methods which can result in quirky and impressive 6-second-clips. For example, Zach King has made a name for himself by using carefully-edited vines to create magical special effects. Equally, it allows for the tried and tested ‘sketch show’ format to be taken to its zenith by keeping the humour short and direct.

In today’s fast-paced world, Vine offers its viewers quick and snappy fun. When creating your own videos, try to take this into account: you only have 6 seconds so you need to pack a punch quickly. However, with that in mind, it is important to remember that viewers can switch off just as quickly. Therefore, your six-second-vine needs to be fun, snappy and immediately engaging, especially whilst you’re building up a new following!

Establishing your audience

To help to establish that audience, you must use a number of key strategies first. The number one thing is to include a healthy number of hash tags to ensure that anyone searching for specific content will find your vines. It works in the same way as Twitter and Instagram and can help to make your content more easily identifiable. Also, taking the time to share your content across platforms, commenting on and sharing other people’s content, and just generally interacting with the interface and other content. You can also use these to find out what topics are trending on Vine and that way you can tailor your content to what people want to see. Has there been a big political news story that day? Great! Time for some satire!

In short, if it’s done right, a Vine career could await! It is, however, important to remember that it won’t happen overnight and that it takes a lot of hard work, talent, patience, and commitment to get yourself to the standard that some Viners are reaching today. Good luck!

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Photo Source: By Twitter (Vine press room) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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