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Is an App right for your Business?

It’s fair to say that yourself and the rest of todays society has integrated the ‘app’ in to our culture, to such an extent that it’s hard to imagine our everyday lives without using one. Whether it be your Facebook app, your Candy crush app or an Angry birds app, life for smartphone users revolves around these things. According to recent figures, it is expected that worldwide, 103 billion apps will be downloaded in 2013 alone.

With insane figures such as these, it’s no wonder businesses are starting to integrate their products and services into a mobile application.

Some companies that have found success on the app platform include social media giants Facebook and Twitter, but others away from that scene have also found unbelievable success, such as Sky with their Sky go, Sky Sports and Sky news apps being some of the most downloaded apps in the UK

But does that necessarily mean that it is best for your business to follow suit?

Well according to Chris Brogan who is a leading marketing consultant and keynote speaker, the first and foremost thing a business should do when attempting to break into the mobile market is to make their website as mobile friendly as possible. A lot of websites find difficulty in achieving this and yet it is the first port of call for a number of customers when interacting with your company,  it is therefore critical to get it right on the mobile front first.

However, when asked about whether businesses should adopt an app into their model, it’s not so black and white.

As stated at the start, apps are very much a part of our society now, but that does not make them right for every business. An app should be an extension to your services that your website is perhaps unable to provide on a mobile browser. So when considering an app, consider what added value the customer is receiving from it and whether your area of business is right for that type of integration.

Having said that, you never know whether making an app for your business may be the catalyst for something great.

 By Content Assistant – Daniel Horton – @itsDanielHorton

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