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When is the Best Time to be on Twitter?


Twitter. Created in 2006 and going strong ever since.

The micro blogging site is popular with an extremely large percent of the population.

Why do we use twitter? Many use twitter to see what their favourite celebs are up to, to keep there friends updated on what they’re up to and to have a say on certain things they wouldn’t normally be able to express their opinion about. Twitter gives them this opportunity. Other however use it for business purposes. Twitter is a quick and easy way to reach a mass audience which helps businesses grow. Twitter is a brilliant social networking site no matter how you use it so whether its for business or just recreation here are some of the best times to tweet.

Weekdays 5-9. The reasoning for this is that it is the most common time that many are not at work/school. Tweeting at these times can guarantee more success than tweeting at midday on a monday I assure you.

Weekend mornings. Teenagers in particular use twitter the most at this time, statistically speaking. Businesses with a teenage target audience could use this to there advantage.

Anytime. I know it defeats the purpose but twitter is so popular and thriving that tweeting at anytime, day or night, will still reach many of your followers whether they are teens like you or potential buyers of your product/service.

Liam Parker

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