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Should I Buy Followers/Likes?


You knew I was going to say that didn’t you? It seems obvious, yet so many people still do it. We as humans always aspire for the quickfix, that one magic thing that takes two seconds and increases your success by a billion percent. But the truth is, it doesn’t exist. There are many sites that allow you to buy literally thousands of Facebook likes, Twitter followers, YouTube subscribers and more. The price you can pay for this varies wildly across all of these websites. But let’s take a look at the facts about the negatives of buying quantity.

You can’t buy engagement.

Sure, you can buy 10,000 fans and followers, but NONE of them will engage with your business because most of them won’t even be real people. So although you may think having 10k fans on your Facebook page will make you look big, having zero engagement from them is not a great engagement rate is it?

You learn nothing.

Getting good at social media to the point where you start seeing results for your business takes time. If you want to play the guitar then you put in the hours. Social media is the same, and buying the likes means you won’t learn all the necessary lessons to ensure you continue to experience great success on social media.

People will think less of you (including me).

It is usually pretty easy to see when someone has bought likes/followers. The two ways it is noticeable is that there is a sudden spike in likes/follows but there is no spike in engagement. If you go to a Facebook page with a million likes, but they’re only getting 3 likes on a decent post – then something is wrong. If people figure you out, your business is going to get an awful reputation as a cheater.

Quality over quantity.

I’d rather have a Facebook page for my business with 100 likes made up of customers and people who appreciate what my business does, than a page with a million likes of random people/robots.

So there you have it, don’t buy likes.  Also it is likely that the Facebook police will turn up at your house and give you a stern telling off!


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