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Are Smartphones Controlling Our Shopping?


Can you remember the days when you actually visited the high-street? We remember those days like they were only yesterday – but something has changed and it isn’t just the towns. It is our attitudes and behaviours towards shopping.

Shopping online offers convenience and ease. Not only can we access the internet 24/7, but now we can do all of our food shopping, clothes shopping and even banking online – so why bother visiting the high-street and do all that we once did? Many food retailers now also offer apps where their customers can conveniently shop online and select a deliver date and time to suit their lifestyles – direct from their smartphones.

Smartphones have revolutionised how we shop online

Smartphones have helped businesses grow through awareness and popularity. They are easy to use and allow consumers the ability to shop and communicate all in one place. Unlike personal computers and laptops, smartphones are convenient, accessible and always around! According to the Independent, shoppers are spending more time checking out shopping websites on their mobile phones and tablets than on desktop computers for the first time ever. Smartphones encourage us to shop online by enhancing the marketing mix. Price, Place, Product and Promotion all are motivating us to shop.

Shoppers are leaving the high street

Did you know that more of us are leaving the high-street now and it isn’t all good. Urgent action needs to be taken to reinvigorate our love for high-street shopping. John Lewis are both online and in the high-street, this is what they think:

“John Lewis online director Mark Lewis said: “We called John Lewis’s first ever ‘mobile Christmas’ in 2013 and we have continued to see customers shop via this channel during the first half of this year. Today, over half of the traffic to comes from mobile and tablet devices and we’ve also seen an increase in the conversion rate of traffic to sales… We’ve placed a significant focus on developing our mobile strategy and have more enhancements planned for our app later this year. Customers want to be able to shop seamlessly across all channels and mobile is now the go-to choice alongside visiting our shops.”

Impressive stuff here! It seems that smart-phones also are helping revenue and profit streams.

Not only have smart-phones made it easier for us to spend our money, get our groceries without going out, they have made it easier to stay indoors and have a convenient life -one that doesn’t involve running around the supermarket or dodging people who do not look where they are going. So what is best? Going to the supermarkets or shopping online with them? Tweet us your thoughts! @GiraffeSM

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