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Old Social Networks Explained: Circle

Editor’s Note: When this article was written, Circle was the number one social network on the app store. Now it doesn’t even exist! A harrowing glance into the fiercely competitive nature of social networks? Perhaps. Either way, we’ve left this article up so you can see what it was like back then…

Location-specific apps are becoming more and more popular and have created their own kind of new social network. Now whatever city you’re in or wherever you’re on holiday there is most likely an app telling you what events are going on, the best places to eat and special information shared by locals. The newest in this collection is Circle: The Local Network.

Sharing everything from crime, to nightlife, to the search for a missing puppy, this is more than your average social network, with location-based recommendations hoping to connect people like no other network can.

With a trendy and updated layout it aims to attract everyone, from students looking for the best night out, to families looking for a day out with their young ones. The minimalist design makes it easy to use and straightforward from the beginning with options to see recent posts, most popular posts and ways to share your own. Connecting through your Facebook or Google+ account automatically lets the app register your interests and any other friends that are already using it.

Your profile is automatically filled in with Facebook information, which you can later edit or add pictures to. The profile itself is very simple, showing your posts and activity, and your followers and following. The posts are set up in the same sort of style as Twitter, but so far on my Sheffield page, it seems to only be posts about the winter and who’s going out tonight, nothing of much real interest by people I don’t know.

That said, the app is gaining much more traction in larger cities so it is sure to catch on to the smaller ones sooner rather than later.  The app is also a perfect place for small businesses, restaurants and cafes to promote events and interact with potential customers, once there is enough of an audience.

With geo-tagging on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, this location-based social networking is definitely the future. It is especially good for those in larger cities, where there is so much going on day-to-day. Circle has made it possible to find all of that information in one, easy to use app.

The only way the app is really going to develop and come into its own is as more and more people begin to really become involved on it and build up the information. Despite its original launch all the way back in 2012, the app is only beginning to really grab the attention of the social media-savvy, mostly through invites sent on Facebook. Although still lesser known than most social networks, this should definitely not be discounted as the future of social networking.

By Content Assistant  – Taylor Fleischner

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