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The Benefits of Facebook’s New Verified Pages.


Facebook has taken a leaf out of Twitter’s book and introduced verified pages to determine when accounts are considered to be authentic. A blue tick will appear next to the profile name when the account is verified (just like twitter) –so yes, this is the real Selena Gomez!

At the moment, verified pages is controlled wholly by Facebook, which means that you are not able to request your page to be verified and it’s likely that only large corporations and high profile celebs will get verified pages, but Facebook is working on applying it to more profiles.

So what benefit does verified pages offer to authentic online profiles?

  1. Customers/fans are no longer going to ‘like’ fake accounts that are giving unreliable and potentially brand damaging updates.
  2. Users will be more inclined to like a credible source.
  3. The verification tick appears in the search bar and alongside prioritised searched results; fake accounts can easily be filtered out.

In the meantime, if fake accounts are damaging your unverified online profile, you can report accounts that are copying you, your business or brand. Just let the Facebook team know!

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